Why Sell Jewelry? Part 1

Selling jewelry is not easy. It takes time, investment, and patience and often times many people jump in to early and end up back tracking just as fast as they did when they leaped before looking. So why invest in something you do not know whether or not you can be successful? Anyone can be successful, you just need to know that instant gratification is nearly impossible in this industry and that hard work is what will end up making you successful. To me hard work is enjoyable since what I love is crafting which makes patience an easy part of this adventure.

Where do I start from here? Find your niche. There are so many different things to think of when you start making your jewelry, that it is impossible to set up shop overnight. Many of us crafters already know our niche since we started with a hobby and one day decided, “I think I want something more then just a hobby. I want this to be my full-time job.” If you haven’t decided I would give this some serious thought. Questions I have asked myself:

1. What do you enjoy using?  My work is compromised of alot of semi-precious stones, stone chips, wood, and unique beads. I do like to experiment out of my usual and experiment in making my own polymer clay beads, as well as seed beads. It all depends, but most of my designs really use more natural materials.

2. What makes what I make unique?  It is really important to make a stand outside of the “norm”.  Customers want to see something that makes you stand out. If you are selling on the web, you need to make people see that what you sell is unique and special. I would really focus on how you are going to seperate yourself from the competition. This is something I have been focusing on, and I have found a away to incorporate my love of writing poetry with my jewelry. Please stay tuned for my launch next week of these special gifts!

3. Who do you want to sell to? It’s important to figure out who you want your customers to be. Who are you planning on attracting with your pieces, your prices, and your theme. Some choose more broad categories, such as women, others want to sell to both men and women, and others want to target specific ages. Depending on your target can determine what colors you may want to use, and what websites and magazines you should read for current trends.

I would start with those three questions, and truly find what your appeal is. What kind of jewelry you want to make. It all starts with a vision, and you can build up from there.

I have just started shop on ETSY, please come visit me at:



Why Sell Jewelry Part 2

You have made your jewlery, what are the next steps? Can you sell online,  out of your home, or start at fairs?


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