By Demand: Who is NaturalAmber?

Let’s get to know each other! My name is Amber and I moved to Spokane last March (07) from Seattle. Everyone always wants to know what I moved from Seattle to Spokane, if you are familiar with Seattle you would see the smaller scale Spokane is. I love being outside, I love nature – and what better way to be inspired by spending outdoor hiking outings with the family while gathering inspiration in your head?


It’s absolutely beautiful out here, and really there’s a little bit of everything. You are moments away from the lake, the mountains, the city, and the woods who could not ask for more of a well-rounded place? I am still getting to know the area, and the people, always excited to meet new people.


I have a beautiful family – and my three year old is an absolute cutie! He is always inspiring me to grow and its so funny how much you can learn from your child regardless to how old he may be.


I got into jewelry as a way to expand my creative skills. I have always been an avid write and greeting card designer but wanted to try something new, fresh, and exciting! It really is fun, and I recommend those crafty artists to give it a shot! It’s very rewarding seeing the progress of your works.


I hope this gives a little more background about me. You can also read my profile on my shop on ETSY at


Can’t wait to get to know more people on here. Wonderful writers and so many wonderful blogs to read!


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