Incorporating Jewelry Trends

Staying up with the market is hard since fashion is always changing. What’s hot today may be out of style within a month, or may even sizzle before it catches wind. Often times the stars lay out what’s in and what’s out, and once they say it’s out, often times it is. So what can a jewelry artist do to make sure she is selling to the market?  How can an artist today learn to incorporate hot trends into her unique pieces?


*~*~*~ Before I go any further on this article I wanted to state that just because a design is hot, doesn’t mean you have to copy it. I have seen many artists copy other artists work and it’s an absolute no-no in the jewelry world. It’s just like stealing. The most important thing to take from this article is how to incorporate current trends into your own unique works *~*~*~*~


1. Use Social Networks and Shopping Sites to your Advantage.  They are a great tool for seeing what consumers are buying now. Often on the social shopping sites you can even read customer reviews on items, and read what trends are popular to them right now. Also Social networks are great as well, you can ask your friends, your family, open a blog asking what is on their to buy list, what they are currently looking at. The feedback you will get with be tremendous, and very rewarding to your future works.  Take that feedback and incorporate it into your work.


2. Flip Through Magazines.  What are the stars wearing right now? How long has it been since you checked out the fashion section of your favorite magazine?  I often will flip through magazines looking from what’s hot in colors, what pieces are in, and what trends have been revived. My newest project in the work are bangles (a revived trend of the 80’s) which I will be debuting on my shop this weekend,, so please stay tuned for that!


3.  Surprise! The Local Library Is Still Around. Let’s be honest here, really when was the last time you went down to the library? instead of you investing in buying a bunch of magazines and books, I would check out what they have. Often times they have current magazines, and fashion books. Take a peek, and see how resourceful they still can be!


The main key is to focus on color, style, and piece and the rest will fall in place. If you use polymer clay what can you do to jazz up your style? If you use gemstones, what colors are hot, and what stones can you use to make pieces that are color trendy. If you use vintage beads, how can you make a piece of the past a trendy current seller? Use your imagination and bead away. Remember —- having fun is in :).


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