What’s Hot About Yellow Turquoise?

Yesterday I wrote about trendy new gemstone colors for summer 2008, and I said I thought yellow turquoise may becoming a new hot trend, and my hunch has been confirmed by overwhelming amounts of Google sites and new jewelry designs in the anniversary edition of BeadStyle (I love this edition! Please buy it if you are in love with making jewelry)!


So why yellow? Is blue out now?  Yellow seems to be the new green this year, but please do not be fooled by how they are made. It is important to know that yellow turquoise is actually rather rare so often times most of the “yellow turquoise” on the market is enhanced in color, these are the stones from China, or the gemstones found are often times really Jasper or serpentine with black rock markings that make them look like turquoise.

Regardless to where they come from, or what they are, they are taking a giant sweep into the jewelry industry and the pieces made with this stone are absolutely stunning!  


So should you donate that dazzling new turquoise bracelet you just bought? Absolutely not. Blue is still hotter then ever, as I mentioned before check out the new BeadStyle magazine and you will see how hot blue still is.


Please stay tuned for yellow turquoise jewelry coming to my shop at, and please see my newest turquoise jewelry set:






1 Comment

  1. dawnmorningstar said,

    August 3, 2008 at 7:44 pm

    I hope turquoise isn’t gone for good. Turquoise is one of my favorite stones, as is malachite. I also love the color turquoise, along with aqua and teal. Your jewelry is very pretty. It has a slight American Indian look to it.

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