Throw A Memorable Jewelry Party

Splash Of Shell and Amethyst

Splash Of Shell and Amethyst


Jewelry Parties can be an absolute blast, and successful ones are very rewarding. Having a successful party, and getting referrals because of it builds self-confidence and really is assuring to the artist that they are doing a wonderful job making jewelry and building trust with customers.  So how do you present a party that is both memorable and successful? By remembering those manners from grade school, being unique, and making sure there is no stress for the hostess. So how do you do that?


1. No Stress equals Referrals.  People avoid throwing jewelry parties for an artist because they don’t want to do any extra work that could cause them more stress then they feel the party should be. I agree. I have had friends approach me about hosting a party for them, and it always seems like I am putting in alot of work to host it. Make it simple for your hostess. Often times I even provide the refreshments. All I tell the hostess is I need an area that I can work with — and they are more then happy to oblige.  Just let her know refreshments are more then enough, there is no need for additional food 9and you don;t want food prints on your jewelry anyways!) Make your display easy to setup and easy to breakdown that way the hostess does not feel yoe have out-did your welcome.  The guest will arrive and see her relaxed, see how simple it is, and see her having a great time and they will want to earn free jewelry themselves by hosting one for you.


2. Customer Service Goes A Long Way. I have been to parties where the artist seemed like all she care about was making money, and watching her pressure sale made me just want to leave without her noticing I was booking for the door. Most of the time those artists are not friendly and have an “ego” aora around them. That is not the way to present yourself, it’s a turn-off in so many ways.  Hosting a party should be about, yes making money, but also about building trust, building relationships, and showing how you are different then all the other jewelry artists in the market. You need to make them feel that they are being taken care of, as well as being cared for. No one is going to want to buy a green bracelet if it doesn’t compliment them in some sort of way.  I love presenting jewelry to customers and noticing a trait about them they will make the jewelry stand out on them. For example, “Turquoise is a great stone for you to wear, it really compliments your blue eyes.”  Have fun, make some friends, and really it’s all about helping someone find that perfect piece to wear.


3. Nothing Is More Important Then Being Unique. I have always loved going to parties that are different, like MaryKay parties. Marykay parties are really about having fun, finding a product that fits you, and spending great one on one time with the people you care about. Whats funner then shopping with your closest friends? That is how a jewelry party should be, having fun with your friends and enjoying shopping with each other. So how can you make yourself unique. Here are several ideas. Throw around, and try a few. See what works for you. Not everything will. I know from experience.

~*~* Offer Customer Jewelry. Bring in your best beads and sort them out by color. Have guest find beads they like and custom make them a piece. It’s important to figure your costs before hand (such as price per bead, materials, labor, and flat rates) so you aren’t losing any money. Give them a realistic time-frame on when to expect their piece, and always make sure you get payment upfront.

~*~* Offer freebies or punch cards for frequent shoppers. Figure out what won’t make you lose a ton of money.

~*~* Have a door prize for highest amount spent, a drawing for all individuals who book a party, or even a free pair of earrings for everyone who brings a friend. Play with your margins, and figure out what will work out for you.


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