My Favorite 5 Etsy Items for August 10th

Friendship is In

Friendship is In


There are several reasons to visit ETSY.COM but I will give you five reasons down below….. The artists that sell on ETSY have remarkable talent, and I think more people should stop on in and see what ETSY is all about.

This week I am celebrating the creativity of friendship. I loved when I was younger, and getting a special gift from a friend that celebrated the beauty that was in our friendship. Friendship is cool, and it’s definitely in so what better way to celebrate then give koodos to these wonderful artists and their spectacular creations! These are my top five picks for the week of August 10th, please take a look at their items you will see why I love them so very much!

My celebration piece for friendship week is:


1. By FlakyFriends.  Remember Girl Scouts? All the great girls that you met and instantly became the best-estof friends with? This piece celebrates exactly that. I am impressed on how original, creative, and unique this gift is. You click the link you will know what I mean, and I why I love it so much:


2. By ThinkOutsidetheBox. This seller is very creative and has alot of good things to offer.  What better way to celebrate friendship then with a pair of plush bunnies enjoying each others company? What I really like about this is how she relates this to the movie twins, just because your total opposites does not mean you can not be friends……another great example Bert and Ernie. Please click her link and see what this item is a must have!


3. By Moosecorn. So if you are like myself, your animals are your friends (I have three kitty friends….and then my mom’s nice cat) so you can not forget to celebrate how much they have been there for you. Moosecorn does an awesome job celebrating cats! This is a unique pair of earrings, and I just absolutely adore them. My favorite item in her shop! Please click and see why:


4. By GreenFingers. What better way to celebrate friendship by giving your friend a gift that is going to help them out! This is a great cell phone holder, and it’s trendy, and one of a kind. Your cell phone is one of the most used items you own, so why not carry it is something beautiful! Please come check it out at:


5. By Lisa143. When celebrating friendship week, please do not forget the one real special friendship, the one where you spend the rest of your lives with that special best friend, the one you marry. Lisa makes cakes, and I am impressed with her work. For those of you ready to make the commitment please stop on in her shop when you are looking for a cake. This piece reminds me of young love, and meeting that special someone when you are really little.  Please take a peek at:


Please come on in and celebrate friendship! These artists deserve some koodos.



  1. dawnmorningstar said,

    August 11, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    Hey, this is a great blog. I’ve been thinking about putting some of my jewelry on Etsy, and this helps me get a more in-depth idea of what it’s all about and what’s there. Thanks!

  2. August 13, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Hi Amber…
    You did a fantabulous job of preparing and putting together your friendship post. I am so very honored that you included my bunny friends amongst such wonderfully talented artists. Your style, layout and writing abilities really enhanced this article and lended itself to a really great read. Keep up the great blog work and I look forward to many more of your Etsy finds!
    Rachel (Thinkoutsidethebox)

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