I Need A President Who Knows Small Business 101

Just like many other small businesses I am a little frustrated with the economy and I need a President who knows Small Business 101, and who understands the failing economy directly affects many businesses like mine. So many small businesses are folding simply because the high prices of every day business running, from supplies to gas, are eating way into their profits.  Who is going to stop that, and how are they going to stop that when they have a disaster of messes to clean up once stepping into office. I want to know what candidate is going to prioritize on some of their “promises” when stepping into office, simply because 8 more years of this downfalling of the American Economy is going to cut away at my dreams and that is going to hurt. What candidate is going to stop that, which candidate cares enough about the American Dream, and all those people trying to build a dream of their own.


I will be the first to admit, I was not a fan of either candidate at first but now with these being the only two standing I have accepted one of them will be the next President, and as a small business owner Mccain is not the one who will solve my problems, and I hope Obama will have enough internal experience to make the American experience revived, and the dreams of small business owners like mine within grasp again. I know if we do not recover, and the economy keeps going down in crumbles my dreams of becoming a successful jewelry artist may go down in flames with it.  It scares me to my future in their ahnds, but what choice as American do I have. I guess I can always move to Europe.


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  1. Rick Stevens said,

    September 23, 2008 at 4:27 am

    I absolutely agree with you. Even though I own several online businesses, some of my vendors have increased some of their prices due to the increase in the price of oil. It’s affecting my bottom-line.

    Whomever is the new President, not only should he be aware of what makes the “small business” tick (especially since, statistically, small business owners play a major role in producing jobs), they need to know a little bit about “online” small business.

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