Marketing 101: First Six Months are Crucial


Selling off-line and selling on-line are two different worlds, but both have one thing in common you must market to gain exposure, and the first 6 months are absolutely critical. Many businesses fold before a year has passed, often times from frustration and lack of sales, but if you market yourself and market daily your presence will bring more customers.


My ETSY shop and my own website have been one of the biggest marketing tasks I have ever done, and at first I really didn’t know where to begin but once I researched how others in my market were advertising their web-pages, their ETSY shops I quickly began following their proven strategies. I have been a successful artist off-line, but selling on-line is definitelydifferent, but you can combine marketing strategies to bring the customers to both areas of your small business.


1. Market Yourself Everyday.  I can stress the importance of this one enough, it is so important to find a way to reach to someone, a potential customer every day. This could be as simple as handing out your business card to the checkout lady who adores your jewelry, or could be devoting yourself to a new campaign on Google’s Adwords. Keep marketing.


2. Fall in Love with Networking. Networking proves to be a very strong tool in the world of marketing, it really comes down to who you know, and what people know you. There are so many wonderful networking sites, and you don’t need to just join ones that have to do with your small business. There are some great networking sites such as Flickr, Myspace, Stylehive, and so much more.


3. Make a Blog.  People love content, and they love getting to know the artist behind the shop. Often times many of us try to make our websites as pictureful as possible, so blogging is a great way to say what you want to say. You can blog about practically anything, just make sure it’s the positive attention you are going after! Try to blog at least three times a week so you stay in the first few pages of search engines.


4. Optimize with search Engines. On-line people are not going to be able to find you unless you show up in the searches. Search engines love new content, but you need to make sure they know you are out there! I highly recommend submitting your website to the major search engines, starting with Google. Also you may want to consider using a campaign marketing sponsor links like Google’s Ad Words. Also search engines love content, make sure you use your major keywords in your titles, and the first paragraph of your page.


5. “Random-Nize” Business Cards. I would leave your business cards wherever the opportunity arises. This could be anywhere from books in the local library, or on the tables of local coffee shops.


Just remember be creative, market yourself daily, and don’t give up. If you are new at this it can take up to 6 months to really get into the groove of daily sales, and a less sporadic sales volume. Before you know it you will have a steady book of customers, and proven stategies to continue working on with marketing.

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