Small Business Owners, Where’s the Federal Help?

Being a Small Business Owner in this economy is not easy. With pennies being taken off of gas prices, and the cost of living and daily business expenses going up, where is the “bail-out” talks for the small business owners making sacrifices and locking up the doors for good? With consumers pinching pennies, eating in, and shopping more frugally how does a small business compete in that kind of space when the only choice they have is too raise prices?  The more they raise them, the more frugal customers they potentially lose.

Being young, I almost wonder if I didn’t choose the right time to open the virtual doors to my shop NaturalAmber Designs, but then I stop to think I have some pennies to invest so I’ll just be more frugal, I have a day job, but how many small business owners out there are not fortunate and have that second job? I want to know which candidate is going to address tax cuts for these smaller businesses? Which candidate proposes small business stimulus checks? Which candidate is going to want to save small businesses from going under? I hear all this talk about bailing out huge corporations — and yes something needs to be done about the mortgage crisis, but how about passing a law that gives a higher minimum wage? A must pay to the employee $12.00 an hour. The higher inflation goes, the more people struggle, and the middle class just diminishes more, and the poor just get poorer. I’m sure the multi-million dollar CEO can scarifies a few thousand dollars.

Which candidate is for small business? I haven’t heard anything yet from either one that is promising.  I have dreams, and those dreams a big, I just want to know whose hands I put those dreams in. I am a Democrat so I know who I will be voting for, but I just want to hear plans not promises for the small business owners.


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