ETSY 101: Focusing on Value

Butterfly of Turquoise

Butterfly of Turquoise


Making the step to sell on ETSY is a huge one, I have been running shop now online on ETSY since July 2008,, and it is a different experience then running your own jewelry party and craft show shop. I think it is important for artists crafting their own goods to expand to the online market but I want to stress the importance of making sure as an artist you don’t abandon your “Value over Price” mentality.  I think there are quite a few artists who move online, and especially to an art community can often get wrapped into the “retail pricing” and often Walmart Brand and cut prices within their stores to remain competitive. I know when I first started I quickly dropped my prices just because I felt so overwhelmed and intimidated by many other shops selling at lower price points. Then I stopped to think and after many long chats with other artists among the community threads did I come to the realization that you price your goods not only on what it cost you to make the item but also your perceived value of your work. I spend a lot of time, quality, and put alot of dedication into making beautiful pieces and by undercutting my prices I was undercutting their value as well. Becoming a full time jewelry artist (and one clothing and purse designer) is my dream and I now know that undercutting my work is a shortcut that will only lead to a dead end. I think often times we forget, and often times we long for someone to value our work and receive a sale online, that we get caught up in that mentality.  Some helpful reminders:


1. Don’t undercut your prices because your competition has. Take these times to think about whether or not you really need to drop them. Sometimes you may need to, but often times if you are happy with your price and it feels right then someone will come along and find that same value you do.


2. Try not to get wrapped too much into Promotions. I see alot of this on the community and I think to an extent it can be good. Have a sale once in awhile, just don’t cheapen you work on a continuing basis that people loose that value you strongly hold for your work.


3. Show the Value, and Explain the Value. Great Quality pictures, great descriptions are your time to show the buyer why your work is worth that amount. People want to see clear, crisp pictures! They want close-ups! They want to know what they are buying and why it is important.


Have fun, and don’t forget why you are crafting. I always have to tell myself crafting comes first, marketing later. When I get wrapped up in all the marketing I can forget what is really important, and that is my love and passion for beads and jewelry.


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