Handmade Jewelry 101: Staying Motivated in the Struggling Economy

Green Fairy Necklace

Green Fairy Necklace


Handmade jewelry is one of the largest categories artists go into, but with the economy struggling, consumers afraid to let go of their dollars, how as a jewelry designer do you stay motivated?  Being new to the on-line scene I have days where I feel that it may not be my time to reach out beyond my local buyers, and then there are days, especially after receiving a sale that I know I am doing the next big and smart step in my handmade jewelry shop, NaturalAmber Designs. So how do I stay motivated? What do I do to make my shop stand out in this highly competitive market?


1. I add pieces to my shop daily. If I don’t add, I relist items in my ETSY shop and I have been building a Google Base as well. It’s especially important on ETSY to relist and renew at different times of the day since it is an international site. Listing late at night will reach to those customers across the seas.


2. Blog Daily. The more I blog, the more I stay motivated about what I love to do. I love making jewelry, I love sharing with other artists information that has helped me be successful, and it keeps me motivated and focused on my goals and why I love what I am doing.


3. Craft. Nothing can bring back the motivation like sitting down in front of your bead chest and bringing back the memories on why you started this adventure. I like sitting down and remembering the moment I told myself, I can make this bigger then a hobby.


4. Always Marketing Yourself and Your Goods. This step is crucial, and sometimes it may feel like you are doing this alot, but buyers can’t see your beautiful jewelry unless you show them it’s there. Experiment with AdWords from Google, Drop your blog link everywhere, build your own website. Building my website NaturalAmberDesigns has been very rewarding, and really makes me feel like I can do this. Don’t be afraid to pass out your business cards to someone new, or post them on a local grocery stores board.


Remember to stay focused on why you are doing this for yourself. It is hard to stay motivated during tough times, but things will bounce back. Just keep letting people know you are there. They will find you.

Like the piece above, come see the Fairy Necklace in my jewelry shop: Fairy Necklace


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  1. gigi said,

    December 11, 2008 at 1:45 am

    Thank you for any inspiring post!

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