Handmade ETSY Holidays: Savings and Sales!

Swarvoski Shell Dangle Earrings


ETSY is a wonderful place to do holiday shopping, they have a little of everything for everyone. I like to call it the “One Stop Shop” for the best of what the handmade world has to offer.


In my own shop NaturalAmberDesigns I am offering a huge holiday sale. Please stop on in if you love jewelry!

Happy Holiday Sale! Starting November 28th huge holiday savings! 10% off all orders under $25.00, $5.00 off all orders over $25.00, $10.00 off all orders over $50.00, $15.00 off all orders over $75.00, and $25.00 off all orders over $100.00! (Refunds Submitted Through Paypal)~

Etsy 102: More Ways To Promote Your ETSY SHOP

Handmade beaded chandelier earrings.

Handmade beaded chandelier earrings.

My first blog in the “promoting your ETSY SHOP” covered the basics of promoting such as joining social networking group, passing out your business cards, and utilizing the forums on the ETSY site. In this blog we are going to dive in a little deeper on new and exciting ways to bring customers to your ETSY shop! There have been many new tools available to ETSY sellers to help promote business to their websites, and many bring great results! So what can you do to bring more customers to you?


1. Upload your items to Google Base. This is a great way to get people coming to your ETSY shop. Google Base lets you upload single items, or you entire ETSY shop (100 items) and let them be search-able in Google Search! This is a great website to help you get started: http://letsets.com/


2. Join Twitter. Twitter is a great new social network where all you do is say what you are doing. Alot of ETSY sellers use this site to list their newest items, rave about their newest projects, and share marketing tips! Other people who are interested in you will follow you on twitter. If you would like to add me my Twitter username is NaturalAmber.


3. Get Juried. Juried sites can bring business to your site, but you got to make sure you are ready to submit a portfolio to them. Since they are juried they do not accept everyone. Don’t get discouraged by rejection, often times many ETSY sellers will get rejected numerous times before getting accepted. Some of the sites you may want to check out are: Trunkt.com, Lollishops.com, and 1000markets.com


4. Join a Street Team on ETSY.  Street teams are a great way to get promoted on ETSY. These groups help promote one another, and often times are combined by a common force: location, and craft are most common.


5. Join a BNR on ETSY. There are rules to BNR’s but I have heard of many successful ETSY sellers who have gotten many new customers through BNR. BNR stands for Buy and Replace. You get added to the list, and you must buy something from someone else on the list. Often times there is no dollar amount on what you need to purchase.


No matter what, just remember to have fun and get your name out there! I have seen too many good sellers quit in the first couple of months from discouragement.  Getting customers can be hard work, but perseverance does pay off.

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ETSY 102: Importance of Communication



ETSY etiquette is essential to making and retaining customers, and one of the most important aspects of the selling process is making sure you are on top of your customer service and conversations. There have been several threads in the forum addressing the lack of communication from several sellers, from buyers who are either interested in a custom order are just wanting to know what the status of their package is. I am stressing the importance of customer service, please remember that your customers are vital and important, without them where would your business be? Please remember this etiquette while operating your small handmade business:
1. Always respond timely to your conversations. If you are having a high volume of sales and are having trouble responding, you may want to consider hiring someone to help you part-time.
2. Keep the lines of communication open. Let your customer know when items shipped, when they are planning to ship, and how to contact you if they have any questions or concerns.
Remember the holidays can be fun, but also stressful for many buyers.
Please remember to keep the line of conversation open to relieve those stresses.
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Handmade Crafts 101: Don’t Fear the Word Improvement

Swarvoski Wrapped Ring

Swarvoski Wrapped Ring


Being a jewelry artist you must know that to be successful you must learn and grow from ones own mistakes. I know that it’s not easy to realize that all the hard work you did isn’t paying off, but realizing this and making improvements and changes to your small jewelry business (or other crating business) may pay off big in the long run. There is always room for improvement to your online webpage, to your ETSY shop, and even to your offline customers and sometimes it’s better to sit and re-evaluate your strategies every few weeks then find out 6 months down the road you need to do some major overhaul to your business. So what can you do to make improvements today?

1. Focus on Your Pictures. If you were a customer would you buy the item? Are any of the pictures blurry or boring? Do the pictures grab you and make you want to click on the picture to learn more about the item for sale? If not you may want to re-evaluate the pictures you have. Find a consistent and creative way to show-off you work without taking away from the product. Taking pictures takes alot of trial and error, I know in my own shop I have revamped them time and time again, and I am still looking to add improvements.

2. Would You Buy Based on Your Descriptions. Read through your product descriptions, are they too vague or too wordy? Do you list the materials you use? Have you added a unique touch to your descriptions, perhaps the significance of the particular gemstone you are using or where you bought your materials? Sometimes just a quick re-wording can trigger people to buy what you are selling.

3. Are Your Product Titles Too Creative, Vague, or Wordy? Pictures and the Title of your item are sometimes the only things a customer will see and look at, and if your title doesn’t say what they are looking at they may not want to look at what you are selling regardless to how good your description of the product may be. This is something I recently did, and I re-hauled all my Product Titles realizing after I uploaded them to Google Base the titles that were more of a play on words were not getting any google hits. Customers are not looking for Dancing Autumn, but more suitable Title would be Autumn Gemstone Necklace.

There are many other things you can look at when attempting a shop makeover or adding improvement to your online craft store. What is important is to find your niche and run with it. Even seasoned sellers find there is always room to re-event and improve.
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