ETSY 101: Lets Talk Free Shipping

Dangling Gemstone Earrings


Attracting new customers on ETSY can be hard, especially with the abundance  of talented handmade and vintage sellers who have shops on there, so what can you do as a seller to build more of a customer base?  Often times I try to experiment with different ways to attract new customers, recently I have added free shipping and low cost shipping to Canada and International customers as a way to bring in new buyers to my shop Natural Amber Designs. This could be a great way to being in more sales, but I also suggest caution before implementing free shipping into your shop policies. Please keep these in mind before deciding if free shipping would still make your shop profitable:


1. “Weight is Important”  When determining whether or not to have free shipping (and low cost shipping internationally) it’s important for you to take in consideration the weight on your items. If your shipping costs are more then a few dollars then the venture may not be very profitable and you may want to consider just having a lower cost for your shipping without eating too much into your profits. Free Shipping is perfect for shops that sell light weight items such as jewelry and greeting cards since the cost to ship these items are usually under $2.50.


2. “The Current Cost of Your Items” Many ETSYsellers have already discounted their handmade and vintage items to be more competitive, before considering if free shipping would be beneficial for your shop look at the bigger picture. If free shipping and a discounted item leaves you closer to cost and with no additional profit youa re going to be having a problem. You may want to raise the price of your items do what you initially want for them and then consider doing the free shipping.


3. “Don’t Forget to Tag” One more helpful and important thing to remember when offering free shipping is letting those customers who look for free shipping in the search field know your items are tagged with Free Shipping. ETSY gives you 14 tags for your items and I would strongly suggest making sure free shipping is one of them.


Whatever you decide to do, just remember to look at the bigger picture and do what is right for you and your shop. You don’t want to be selling at a loss, but you don’t want to miss out on potential customers as well.


To learn more about me and see some of my unique and natural gemstone jewelry please visit my Jewelry Shop on ETSY at: Natural Amber Jewelry


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