~Breaking News~ Baby Laith Dougherty


I can not begin to explain the joy that has filled my heart for a baby and a family I do not know, to read on their site today that their story got to Pittsburg Children’s hospital where Baby Laith has now been transported awaiting a transplant. I checked on this link since I first stumbled on it yesterday at 3pm PST regularly. I wrote to Katie Couric after reading the letter in hopes that they could air the link. I am just so overwhlemed that a broken health care system could of prevented this child from a full life. There will be recovery ahead for this child, but at least this child now has a shot at life.  It makes you stop and think that there still is good in this world, that a community of people who don’t know this child can step forward and give donations to save his life. Good luck to the Dougherty Family — you will always be in my thoughts and prayers, and a constant reminder that someone needs to step up and start making a change to a health system that puts money on the price of life.


I often times use my blog to promote ETSY and my ETSY shop but today I learned a 10 week old needs a new heart. Please follow this link to read his story, and help this family raise 1.5 million dollars to save their child. Their health insurance does not cover it. Please read his story. Every penny helps.




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