ETSY SEO and Slumping Views and Sales

Sterling Silver Purse

The talk of June on ETSY has been SEO, how shops are being affected in the ranks on google. One of the hot threads on the forums is:

Concerning Shop Metal Titles, Stella Said….SEO Issues Still a Problem


So where do you stand with this SEO fiasco, has it really affected you or is there a bigger picture outside of SEO? I personally think there is a combination of many things that are affecting the lack of sales, lack of views, and lack of Google hits. I know for myself, my google traffic was never that huge.  Right now I think we are all experiencing:


* SEO issues.Google must be getting confused and the spiders aren’t updating fast enough. Give it a week, maybe the dust will settle.

* Vacation and Summertime.  No control over this, you will have to find new ways to promote to those who are in front of their computer or going shopping. Local advertising may be a great venue to look into during this time. Reach those customers. Pin up some business cards. Invest in postcard mailings. Like that local boutique down the road? Pitch to them.

* Your Shop Needs Improvement. Use this time to take better pictures, make your shop more SEO friendly. Change your titles. Add a new line.


This is a great website to grade your website. It gives you an overall feeling for what Google sees, your Meta Information, and things you can improve:

Website Grader


Summer is realistically a slower time in retail. March – July tend to be slow with things kicking back once the kids start Back to School Shopping. Just remember on ETSY we are given a shopping cart and a virtual store, we need to bring the customers.


Great ETSY Buys Under $25.00 – June 23rd 2009

Polymer Pendant Flower Necklace


ETSY is a wonderful place to find beautiful handmade and vintage items, here is a selection of some gorgeous ETSY finds for under $25.00

(Stop in at my jewelry shop NaturalAmber where there are many jewelry pieces under $25.00 )


From Lawatha’s Shop: Fishing Pole Pendant – $18.00

From NaturalAmber’s Shop: Golden Owl Beaded Earrings – $16.00

From ScentedLuxeries’s Shop: Cotton Candy Lip Gloss – $4.00

From GracieDesigns’s Shop: 70’s Style Floral Snap Wallet – $8.00

From SudsNSuch’s Shop: Soap-to-Go for Kids – $3.75

From artbytrudy’s Shop:  Humor Print – $20.00

From Earmarks’s Shop: Owl Jounral – $11.00

From Anastasia91’s Shop: MP3 Carrier – $6.00

Artfire VS ETSY: Where Are You Selling?

Red Coin Shell Bracelet


Everyone who loves handmade has heard of ETSY, and many artists sell on their everyday, but with the increasing amount of sellers on the handmade site artists are looking to branch to other venues, one of these particular ones is Artfire.  Today I took the plunge and finally opened my shop on Artfire, NaturalAmberDesigns.  I have no intentions in replacing my ETSY shop NaturalAmber but I am looking to not keep all my eggs in one basket. The Google SEO is having some issues on ETSY, there are increasing amount of sellers on a daily basis, and the jewelry section is just tremendous. Being in such a saturated category makes me feel like a needle in the haystack, but I will never leave ETSY. Within my short observation of Artfire, this is what I have concluded between the two:


* Artfire is quick to setup, and has a wonderful virtual studio for your shop. There is definitely nothing wrong with the shop that ETSY provides but I do love being able to have 10 pictures, custom background colors, endless amount of tags, and not onlya  description space but a space on what inspired me to make the piece.


* Right now ETSY gets more views, but the jury is really still out on that. For being  a new handmade site, just beginning in October 2008 you really can’t expect the same amount of traffic. The site is wonderful though and I can imagine it booming in the near future.


* Artfire automatically puts your items in Google Base. No more Letsets tool (except for you ETSY shop).


* There are so many promotional tools on Artfire to market your items, you can list them in Kaboodle, Tweet about them on Twitter, and so much more. They have over 30 widgets to choose from!


* ETSY forums look pretty and are more cleaner looking, but Artfire’s seem more friendly and admin more responsive in helping sort out issues.


Those are the main difference I see right now, but as I said this is just my first day. I will post more in the months to come about my experience with Artfire. Unlike 1000markets and Shophandmade, I think this place is really going to grow! The jury is still out on Artfire, but as I said I think I see promising results in the horizon for Artfire sellers.

ETSY 101: Forum Do’s and Dont’s for Good Karma

Blue and Pink Dangle Earrings


The forum on ETSY is a wonderful way to get to know other sellers, a great place to get information that can help you sale and get information to improve your shop, and a great way to get encouragement when you are feeling discouraged about your little store, but lately and more often I have been noticing a trend of forum posts about low views, no sales,  and calling out. Many of these threads seem to be more on the negative side then the positive. I think it’s wonderful to discuss things that are affecting your shop, but we always have to remember that there are buyers on the forums (many sellers buy too) and often time a discouraging and negative post could keep from someone clicking your avatar and seeing all the wonderful and pretty handmade and vintage you have inside.


Please Don’t:

* Call Out

* Gripe and Complain because others are successful and you are not

* Whine because you have no sales, no views

* Bring other members down

* Participate in hate threads


Please Do:

* Ask for Critiques to improve your views and sales

* Participate in the Thinking Positive Threads

* Compliment People in the Thread

* Start a Positive thread of your own


Positive people draw friends, customer, alliances, and most of all their shops get more love. I have been participating in positive threads this last month in the forums and I have noticed a 457% increase on Google Analytics from the previous 30 days which I personally think is Karma is saying “Thank you for keeping positive!”

ETSY: Yart Finds For Under $10.00

Glam Beaded Shell Earrings


ETSY’s second annual Yart Sale sponsered by the ETSY Supplies Team is underway June 10th-14th 2009 and there are so many wonderfulk buys for under $10.00. My shop NaturalAmber is also participating for the first time this year. Here is a selection of some of my favorites items from my shop as well as around ETSY, all under $10.00


Dainty Turquoise Earrings: $7.00 and Free Shipping

Purple Iris Greeting Card: $5.00 

Tie Dye Tank Shirt, $5.00

Funky Plum and Emerald Gemstone Earrings, $7.00 and Free Shipping

 Cute Heart Ipod Case: $5.00

Pastel Green and Circles Clutch Purse: $7.00

Magenta and Moss Green Lantern Earrings: $5.60 and Free Shipping

ETSY 101: Creative Tagging to Get More Views

Dainty Turquoise Earrings

Dainty Turquoise Earrings


Everyone wants to be seen on ETSY, and good tags and good pictures are what gets people coming into your shop and browsing around.  There is definitely an art behind coming up with creative tags, but relevant tags.  So when it comes to tagging you have to be creative, you have to think like a buyer, and you have to describe your items in the following ways:


* Color (and not just the basic colors, how about rogue for red, or aqua for blue, plum for puple)

* Size (small, medium, large, x-large, X inches, X cm)

* Material (the main materials, if you have a hit of silver I wouldn’t add it to your tags, I would to the first list under materials on the front page)

* What Is It?

* Commercial, Handmade, Supplies

* Shape

* Mood (elegant, beautiful, classy)


Tagging is essential to being seen on ETSY, and because of that I wanted to compile a list of great sites I like to use for great tips and adjectives for ETSY Tags!


For a great list of synonyms, and treasury help:


Great ETSY Storque Articles:

ETSY and Twitter 101: Are You Promoting Your Shop?

Sterling Silver Purse Necklace


Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks this year, and many businesses are using the site to promote their small business. I am one of those ETSY shops that loves using Twitter to show off the newest and latest jewelry pieces I have made at Natural Amber Designs. So why promote on Twitter? How should you promote on Twitter?


* Use Twitter to show off the latest and greatest items from your ETSY shop!

I recently listed my Red Shell Charm Bracelet and received over 20 views in an hour! To me that’s more impressive then listing the item and only getting a few views every hour or so if you don’t get buried to quickly.  So after you list an item, go on over and tell your Twitter friends.


* Promote Sales You May Be Having Our Special Promotions!

Currently I offer free shipping in my shop and often times I will sent out a tweet on Twitter letting customers know that I do offer that. When I have a sale I always tell my twitter friends first!


* Offer Special Discounts and Promotions to Twitter Friends!

Sometimes just offering a special discount on your tweets to your friends only on Twitter can generate sales you wouldn’t have otherwise.


Twitter is another excellent and quick and fast way to promote your ETSY shop. The important thing is to be seen, but just remember not to Twitter all day and neglect your shop! 🙂

ETSY Promotion 101: Use Your ETSY Mini

Silver and Crystal Hoop Earrings

Are you using your ETSY Mini to showcase items from your ETSY shop?  If not why aren’t you? The mini that ETSY provides sellers is a wonderful way to attract people to your shop, whether you post it on your social networking site or use it on your blog. What can it do for you?


* bring new customers in

* build a visual portfolio to convince people to see what you have to offer

* great and easy way to point to potential wholesale and retail clients a quick glance at what you have to offer

* a great way to glance at your own shop and see how your pictures stack up!


Promotion is the key to attracting new clients and customers, and the ETSY Mini is one small and simple way to do that.