ETSY and Twitter 101: Are You Promoting Your Shop?

Sterling Silver Purse Necklace


Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks this year, and many businesses are using the site to promote their small business. I am one of those ETSY shops that loves using Twitter to show off the newest and latest jewelry pieces I have made at Natural Amber Designs. So why promote on Twitter? How should you promote on Twitter?


* Use Twitter to show off the latest and greatest items from your ETSY shop!

I recently listed my Red Shell Charm Bracelet and received over 20 views in an hour! To me that’s more impressive then listing the item and only getting a few views every hour or so if you don’t get buried to quickly.  So after you list an item, go on over and tell your Twitter friends.


* Promote Sales You May Be Having Our Special Promotions!

Currently I offer free shipping in my shop and often times I will sent out a tweet on Twitter letting customers know that I do offer that. When I have a sale I always tell my twitter friends first!


* Offer Special Discounts and Promotions to Twitter Friends!

Sometimes just offering a special discount on your tweets to your friends only on Twitter can generate sales you wouldn’t have otherwise.


Twitter is another excellent and quick and fast way to promote your ETSY shop. The important thing is to be seen, but just remember not to Twitter all day and neglect your shop! 🙂


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