ETSY: Yart Finds For Under $10.00

Glam Beaded Shell Earrings


ETSY’s second annual Yart Sale sponsered by the ETSY Supplies Team is underway June 10th-14th 2009 and there are so many wonderfulk buys for under $10.00. My shop NaturalAmber is also participating for the first time this year. Here is a selection of some of my favorites items from my shop as well as around ETSY, all under $10.00


Dainty Turquoise Earrings: $7.00 and Free Shipping

Purple Iris Greeting Card: $5.00 

Tie Dye Tank Shirt, $5.00

Funky Plum and Emerald Gemstone Earrings, $7.00 and Free Shipping

 Cute Heart Ipod Case: $5.00

Pastel Green and Circles Clutch Purse: $7.00

Magenta and Moss Green Lantern Earrings: $5.60 and Free Shipping


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