ETSY 101: Holidays and Getting Ready for Season

Red Shell Coin Charm Bracelet


It’s July, and yes many sellers on ETSY are already planning the most busiest season of the year: the fall and winter season. Why so early? Planning ahead is always a good idea, you want to be ready. It would be a shame to be half way through the season and realize you weren’t ready for it. I started season planning last month. My shop Natural Amber Designs will be running advertisements and special promotions throughout the season. So as a seller what can you do to start planning for the busy season?


* Stock Up Shop Now. Currently I have 226 listings in my ETSY shop, 48 in my Artfire and I am planning on adding my entire collection of jewelry to both Artfire and ETSY. My plan is to have close to 300 once September/October rolls around.


* Start Making Your Holiday/Season Items. Last year I didn’t offer any holiday jewelry, this year I am planning on having some and see how it goes. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (even thinking valentines)


* Scope out and Reserve Advertising Now. This piece of advice is huge. If you wait until the last minute to buy advertisement on Craftcult, Magazines, big websites you may lose out. Sellers are already reserving thiers


* Have a Plan, Stock Up.  Stock up on the essentials, tape, mailers, gift boxes, tags, bags, you don’t want to be out of the essentials when the orders come in, it could delay orders from shipping out. Make sure you are ready!


Remember, it’s never too early to start a business plan, a marketing plan, or an advertsing plan. The more you can get your name out, and the earlier make your chances better of having a successful season.


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  1. July 22, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    Excellent info! You can never be too prepared. Especially for the insane and super fun holiday season on Etsy. Your shop is fab, I happened to find your blog from the Etsy Sellers under 30 blog. Not that I’m under 30, but I can pretend.

    Welcome to EtsyBloggers – you might want to add a link to this blog in your Etsy shop announcement or Profile, so that the other teammates can find you.

    And p.s. we share the same birthday!!

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