ETSY Spotlight Feature: Looking For ETSY Shops to Feature

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It has been a long time coming, but the ETSY Spotlight Feature on my blog is finally returning! I love ETSY so much, and love celebrating other ETSIANS and I am looking for shops to feature, handmade, vintage, supplies — I’m considering all kinds of different shops to feature.


The blog will run weekly, featuring one new artist every week. If you are considered I will send a set of questions to your email or ETSY conversations. So if you would like to be considered please send me a conversation at NaturalAmber on ETSY or please send me an email at


Let’s start celebrating the wonderful ETSY community!


ETSY 101: The Critiques Forum

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Googling is one great way to seek out articles that have advice on how to improve your ETSY shop, but an even better way to get the information you need from your own ETSY peers is in the Critiques Forum. Many seasoned sellers will be the first to jump in and give you advice on why you are not selling, why an item has low views, or give you an overall critique on things that you can improve in your shop. When I was new I struggled with my pictures, and received wonderful advice from other sellers. It can be hard to hear sometimes, but constructive criticism will only help your shop grow. Remember, the reason you are going into the forum is to get vital information to help boost your sales so if you get harsh critiques just know it’s because they want to help you!

ETSY 101: Should You Make A Treasury?

Vintage Orange Flower Stud Earrings


One of the many great ways to promote other ETSY artists, those favorites who you just love, is by creating a treasury. What is a treasury? A mini showcase of your favorite items from other ETSY sellers. Many sellers use a particular theme, color, or category of goods to showcase. Some sellers I know have this in the back of their mind: “Why create a treasury if I’m not featured in it?”  Many times even if your items are not in the treasury you are still giving yourself that exposure, your store name is listed at the top and people are always curious to see who the great mind is behind the beautiful treasury which will lead people browsing into your shop from that hyperlink. Plus, it’s a great way to celebrate handmade and vintage, showcase off your favorites, and have fun on ETSY! Interested in making a treasury, here are some helpful articles:


From The Storque: Nuts and Bolts of Treasuries

From the Storque: Finding Focus

Ehow: Make a Front Page Treasury