ETSY 101: Using a Blog to Promote Your ETSY Shop

Blogging is a great way to network, and a wonderful way to promote your ETSY shop. I love blogging, most of my articles on my blog are dedicated to helping other ETSY sellers by providing information on how to improve their shops, how to promote, and simple tweaks they can do to their shop to help them be more successful. I highly recommend blogging to those who are interested in not only making their shop a little more visible on the world wide web but as a wonderful way to meet other artists who are just as enthused about handmade and vintage as you are!  I always included pictures of my latest and greatest designs on the article I blog about for that day!

Okay, so you want to blog, but are stuck on what to talk about? Here’s a list of possible places to start your blog as well as a handful of topics you can talk about on your blog!



* How-To Projects

* Articles that you found to be interesting

* Reviews

* Favorites (ETSY, stores, websites, blogs… endless ideas here)

* Projects you are working on

* Sales running in your shop

* Awesome customer experience

* Tips (packaging, selling, promoting, marketing)

* About You

* About other sellers

* Places you have been featured

* Current treasury you have made

* Specials you are having in your shop

* Demo’s or tutorials

The list is endless of what you could post on! Another great posting about topics you can cover is:

Places you can have a blog:




Most importantly, have fun! Blogging is a great way to be seen, a great way for you to express your feelings, and a wonderful way of networking. Make it yours, do what’s comfortable for you!


NaturalAmber Jewelry: Spring Sale on ETSY

With new Spring Jewelry debuting in my shop NaturalAmber on ETSY at the beginning of March I am having a huge sale on over 50 current items in my shop, click here for up to 50% off on select items. 
* Spring Cleaning Bracelets, Necklaces, and Rings 40% off
* Spring Cleaning Earrings 50% off

Also all orders placed between February 18th 2010, and March 31st 2010 will be enter into a drawing to win this buyer favorite Butterfly Ring.

ETSY: Best ETSY Selling Resources

selling on ETSY can be hard, but thankfully on the web there is a vast amount of helpful information to help kick-start your sales and make you a little more successful in your little shop.  These are some of my favorite articles from blogs and the Storque blog on ETSY:

How To Take Good Photos:

ShopMakeover : Feature Friendly Photos

Shopmakeover: Are Your Photos FrontPage Worthy

ShopMakeover: Photographing For Success

How To Improve Your Photos

How To Take Good Jewelry Pictures

Tagging to be Found on ETSY:

Increasing Your Item Views

Tag-O-Rama With Descriptive Keywords

Tag Finder Tool with

Tagging on ETSY

Tagging for Maximum Exposure

Packaging with Love:

Packaging Ideas

Handmade Branding

Fabulous Packaging

Pretty as a Package

Packaging and Shipping

Customer Service for Success:

Top 10 Customer Service Strategies

ETSY Customer Service Tips

The Buyers Perspective

How to promote Your ETSY Shop:

Participate in Weekend Deals

Google PageRank

Promoting Repeat Business

How To Promote Your ETSY Shop 101

ETSY Marketing Tips

ETSY 101: The 4 P’s to Selling

Persistance: Even when sales were slow and I felt like giving up I kept pushing forward. determination is what kept me from closing shop on ETSY. I had this false expectation that just setting up shop would mean sales, now I have learned its determination, promoting, and marketing that gets customers to your shop.

Patience: I had to learn that patience was key to success. It’s so easy to get caught up and compare yourself to many other shops on here. Once I learned to be patient I started to not get so down on lack of sales or views during slower times.

Perfection: There is no such thing and your shop always has room for improvement. This weekend I will be working on my new spring line, and the pictures that I have taken are better then the ones I have in my shop now… but I always know that you can improve on that. Never fear setting up construction in your shop.

Projects: Keep on crafting. Thats what brought you here. You’ll find yourself more happy that your continuing your art, and you’ll find customers love the freshness of new items in your shop!

Direct Link to the forum post this was inspired by:

Handmade 101: Recreating Motivation


I love making handmade jewelry, but just like many other artists there are times where I also find myself in a creating slump. Many things can cause that slump;  finances, boredom, low sales, and low confidence in your work are just a handful of those reasons. What do you do to get yourself out of a slump? After Christmas I was feeling a little down and unmotivated but I quickly dissolve those feelings with these helpful tips:

* RETAIL THERAPY.  Buying new beads, new cabochons, new materials, and just browsing through bead catalogs and ETSY I have instantly found my creative spark burning. There is nothing more motivating then visualizing new designs in your head using materials and beads you do not currently own.

* LEARN A NEW METHOD. Just learning a new method or making a new item that relates to your craft but you have never done before can also  kick you out of a boredom slump. I recently learned how to make bezel jewelry rings which I will be adding to my shop NaturalAmber and was surprised how rewarding it was!

* WORK ON YOUR CRAFT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  This has actually helped me tremendously when I have been down.  My mom loves to work on craft stuff with me and many times I have brought my jewelry to her house and one time we made polymer beads just for the phone of it. I’m not as good as I would like to be but it was fun getting those creative juices rolling!

Here are some more helpful links on getting yourself out of a motivation rut!

“What Do You Do To Stay Motivated?”

“10 Tips to Stay Highly Motivated!”

ETSY Marketing 101: Spring 2010


The groundhog saw its shadow on the second which means there is less then5 weeks now until the beginning of Spring. Spring is one of my favorite seasons, lot’s of flower jewelry, accessories, and clothing can be found in abundance on ETSY, and also great spring deals as well! It’s important for any seller on ETSY to get a start on Spring Merchandising and Marketing EARLY! Here are some helpful tips to get yourself organized for a brand new Spring:


* Bring On a New Line:  This is what keeps your repeat customers coming back. This spring at  Natural Amber Designs I am planning on bringing in more vintage flower cabochons rings and earrings. Customers love fresh shops, and the fresher it is the more customers and sales you will be getting!


* Bring New Life to Packaging:  What a great time to kick your customer service up a notch by bringing in new packaging to ship your handmade and vintage goodies in. I recently visited NileCorp and bought myself new jewelry boxes and sashes to ship my jewelry in. It’s a great way to go that extra step to make your customers feel special about that recent purchase from your shop.


* Let’s Talk Clearance!  Ever heard of Spring Cleaning? How about spending a nice afternoon or evening browsing your shop and putting virtual clearance tags on older items to make room for your new line. Customers love that Spring brings sales, and what a great way to increase your sales and move older product then by putting those items in clearance mode!


* Be Seen Online Early:   I have both a Twitter and a Facebook account, I admit on both I haven’t been as active as I could be. Sometimes these just aren’t someone’s chose in marketing, but from what I have seen and heard from the forums on ETSY  they can be beneficial. I don’t plan on utilizing them a bunch but I am planning on using them more. Also I am looking into online advertising.


Most of all have fun! Spring is a great time to start fresh, bringing new possibilities to your shop!