ETSY Marketing 101: Spring 2010


The groundhog saw its shadow on the second which means there is less then5 weeks now until the beginning of Spring. Spring is one of my favorite seasons, lot’s of flower jewelry, accessories, and clothing can be found in abundance on ETSY, and also great spring deals as well! It’s important for any seller on ETSY to get a start on Spring Merchandising and Marketing EARLY! Here are some helpful tips to get yourself organized for a brand new Spring:


* Bring On a New Line:  This is what keeps your repeat customers coming back. This spring at  Natural Amber Designs I am planning on bringing in more vintage flower cabochons rings and earrings. Customers love fresh shops, and the fresher it is the more customers and sales you will be getting!


* Bring New Life to Packaging:  What a great time to kick your customer service up a notch by bringing in new packaging to ship your handmade and vintage goodies in. I recently visited NileCorp and bought myself new jewelry boxes and sashes to ship my jewelry in. It’s a great way to go that extra step to make your customers feel special about that recent purchase from your shop.


* Let’s Talk Clearance!  Ever heard of Spring Cleaning? How about spending a nice afternoon or evening browsing your shop and putting virtual clearance tags on older items to make room for your new line. Customers love that Spring brings sales, and what a great way to increase your sales and move older product then by putting those items in clearance mode!


* Be Seen Online Early:   I have both a Twitter and a Facebook account, I admit on both I haven’t been as active as I could be. Sometimes these just aren’t someone’s chose in marketing, but from what I have seen and heard from the forums on ETSY  they can be beneficial. I don’t plan on utilizing them a bunch but I am planning on using them more. Also I am looking into online advertising.


Most of all have fun! Spring is a great time to start fresh, bringing new possibilities to your shop!


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  1. February 16, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Great tips and gorgeous jewelry! I love your blog

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