Handmade 101: Recreating Motivation


I love making handmade jewelry, but just like many other artists there are times where I also find myself in a creating slump. Many things can cause that slump;  finances, boredom, low sales, and low confidence in your work are just a handful of those reasons. What do you do to get yourself out of a slump? After Christmas I was feeling a little down and unmotivated but I quickly dissolve those feelings with these helpful tips:

* RETAIL THERAPY.  Buying new beads, new cabochons, new materials, and just browsing through bead catalogs and ETSY I have instantly found my creative spark burning. There is nothing more motivating then visualizing new designs in your head using materials and beads you do not currently own.

* LEARN A NEW METHOD. Just learning a new method or making a new item that relates to your craft but you have never done before can also  kick you out of a boredom slump. I recently learned how to make bezel jewelry rings which I will be adding to my shop NaturalAmber and was surprised how rewarding it was!

* WORK ON YOUR CRAFT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  This has actually helped me tremendously when I have been down.  My mom loves to work on craft stuff with me and many times I have brought my jewelry to her house and one time we made polymer beads just for the phone of it. I’m not as good as I would like to be but it was fun getting those creative juices rolling!

Here are some more helpful links on getting yourself out of a motivation rut!

“What Do You Do To Stay Motivated?”

“10 Tips to Stay Highly Motivated!”


1 Comment

  1. Vlad said,

    July 18, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    Cheerz…Leraning something new i a great way to inject some life into your work especially when things are getting the same old and working with others that share your passion is always a bonus.

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