ETSY 101: Using a Blog to Promote Your ETSY Shop

Blogging is a great way to network, and a wonderful way to promote your ETSY shop. I love blogging, most of my articles on my blog are dedicated to helping other ETSY sellers by providing information on how to improve their shops, how to promote, and simple tweaks they can do to their shop to help them be more successful. I highly recommend blogging to those who are interested in not only making their shop a little more visible on the world wide web but as a wonderful way to meet other artists who are just as enthused about handmade and vintage as you are!  I always included pictures of my latest and greatest designs on the article I blog about for that day!

Okay, so you want to blog, but are stuck on what to talk about? Here’s a list of possible places to start your blog as well as a handful of topics you can talk about on your blog!



* How-To Projects

* Articles that you found to be interesting

* Reviews

* Favorites (ETSY, stores, websites, blogs… endless ideas here)

* Projects you are working on

* Sales running in your shop

* Awesome customer experience

* Tips (packaging, selling, promoting, marketing)

* About You

* About other sellers

* Places you have been featured

* Current treasury you have made

* Specials you are having in your shop

* Demo’s or tutorials

The list is endless of what you could post on! Another great posting about topics you can cover is:

Places you can have a blog:




Most importantly, have fun! Blogging is a great way to be seen, a great way for you to express your feelings, and a wonderful way of networking. Make it yours, do what’s comfortable for you!


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