Selling Vintage Jewelry on ETSY



Are you thinking about selling vintage jewelry on ETSY? Well there is  a lot of research that is involved and steps to consider before putting your first listings up.  So what should you be doing before taking the plunge? 


* Research. Customers want to know what they are buying, and as much information you can provide the customer the better. Do you know what era the piece is from? What the piece is made of? Do you know history about the ring? History about the manufacturer? The more you know, and the more you tell, the more likely you will be able to sell that vintage piece. 


* Other ETSY shops.  Have you looked at the market for the piece of jewelry, and are there other shops on ETSY who are selling that particular piece or something similar. You want to make sure your pricing is competitive especially on similar pieces. It’s also important to take note on the description of the other sellers piece it is very possible your piece may be in better or worse condition which can make your pricing a little more work. 


* How Original?  In a way vintage items have the same kind of appeal as handmade does, often times the more original and unique the piece the chances of it selling are better. When you are on the hunt for vintage items, put yourself in the customers shoes, how unique is this item compared to other items on ETSY. I always strive to find the most different pieces I can. 


Here are some helpful forum threads on ETSY about Vintage: 

Demand for Vintage: 


Vintage Help Thread: 



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  2. andy heart said,

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