ETSY Holidays: Never To Early to Plan Ahead


It’s June, and yes many sellers on ETSY are already planning the most busiest season of the year: the fall and winter season. Why so early? Planning ahead is always a good idea, you want to be ready. It would be a shame to be half way through the season and realize you weren’t ready for it. I started season planning last month. When I first started ETSY I felt like I was always missing the season, I would list and do stuff during the season but by then its almost over. So as a seller what can you do to start planning for the busy season?

* Stock Up Shop Now. Currently I have 286 listings in my ETSY shop, and I’m adding new items several times during the week. I once read from one of the ETSY admins who chimed in on a thread about how to be succesful selling jewelry and they said they noticed those jewelry artists who had alot of items sold more frequently. I want to have as much stock available for season in case making more items may take longer than normal. The more you have listed, the more chances you have at making a sale.

* Start Making Your Holiday/Season Items. I havent decided if I am going to offer any seasonal items, but Im thinking about it. I dont want to think about it too long though or the season will be to close here! Online shopping makes customers want to buy earlier than normal since the buy and take home right away ability is taken away. Customer want to give themselves plenty of time before the holiday when buying. Sometimes more than a month ahead!

* Scope out and Reserve Advertising Now. This piece of advice is huge. If you wait until the last minute to buy advertisement on Craftcult, Magazines, big websites you may lose out. Sellers are already reserving thiers. I would start searching for the best places to advertise to your target market now and consider buying space in the next few months. Sometimes you can get better deals buying early too!

 * Have a Plan, Stock Up. Stock up on the essentials, tape, mailers, gift boxes, tags, bags, you don’t want to be out of the essentials when the orders come in, it could delay orders from shipping out. Make sure you are ready! (This also goes for Christmas in July, you want to have necessities available for immediate use)

* Make Your Shop FP and Find friendly. Tag your shop for these times, people will be making treasuries using holiday and seasonal items. ETSY will be on the lookout for neat buys to show customers. Start improving your shop now when its slower, take better pictures, sweep away the clutter… and get ready!

Remember, it’s never too early to start a business plan, a marketing plan, or an advertsing plan. The more you can get your name out, and the earlier make your chances better of having a successful season.