ETSY Success: Awesome ETSY Holiday Advice

What I love about ETSY is the abundance of advice that can be found in the ETSY Storque and the ETSY Forums.  I know sometimes it’s hard to find the time to search for all this great advice so I wanted to have it in an easy place for you, right here on my blog!  Also, I am always willing to help new sellers so please don’t be afraid to send me a message on ETSY, my seller name is NaturalAmber.

Tips For Handling the Holidays:


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  1. Pasha said,

    December 5, 2010 at 4:50 am

    I am from Victoria BC, the Pacific Northwest, but by some pretty unnatural circumstances, I find myself out here in hell- I mean New Brunswick, the Maritimes, where time stopped in the 80’s and people aren’t sure what a swastika is and have a totally different cultural bent than I do. I am now alone, and working part time, trying to renovate my house, revamp my trailer, re-invent myself, and start becoming the for a living craftster/artisan I have dreamed of being for the last few years.
    Toward that end I have amassed about $10,000 worth of supplies over the years, and although I own my house in the country outright, it is still a struggle to live on past time minimum wage, but it’s a choice I made. I am going to be selling my place in the spring and moving back to the Pacific Northwest, which I miss each and every day. Any words of inspiration you could give would be a godsend, although I am not particularly religious, more spiritual. I am interested in so many things- altered books, steampunk jewellery, resin molding, fabric s, repurposing- I have saved over 100 plastic cash register rolls, tons of bottle caps, tabs from tins, and every bit od plastic I have bought while I have been here- there is no plastics recycling, and I am toying with the idea of usinf it as packaging— there’s a real ? 4 U.
    Anyway, I am impressed by your level of commitment, and any comments regarding that would be immensely helpful. I am currently finishing off 7 years of back taxes-(ONLY 2 1/3 yrs 2 go..)- don;t ask, it’s a long painful story, but I take time occasionally to B creative, and that’s what keeps me going. That and hte belief that I can reinvent myself into the better more creative person that has been dormant for so long.
    I know I am wordy, but this is my first foray, and I am full of questions..

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