Government BailOut – Stock Owners Affected

Everyone is very aware of all the talks of bailout for huge corporations in the mortgage and insurance world, but what many consumers don’t understand is how are the benefited? Well if you had stocks in WAMU you were not protected at all. The government has given those corporations a bailout, and have left the consumers with useless WAMU stocks since JP Morgan did not transfer the stocks over.  Fine, want to help out the big guys whose CEO’s fell into financial despair from  their greediness to fund anyone regardless to how risky they were to begin with, then us consumers, the “little” ones want to know what kind of bail-out’s you going to be doing for us? I don;t see any bail-out on the thousands of dollars of debt consumers, both reckless and ones who suffered unfortunate circumstances, being bailed out from the debt that is killing our credit scores.


There needs to be check and balances. The Government can’t always come running to the side of corporations who drove their companies to over-whelming debt. Look at Bank of America, they didn’t open risky loans, and they are still standing. Great WAMU was “saved”, but for those of you who trusted your bank and put stock into it, tough for you, the government could care less if you lost $10,000. You arent protected, but don;t worry you checking and savings are.

Small Business Owners, Where’s the Federal Help?

Being a Small Business Owner in this economy is not easy. With pennies being taken off of gas prices, and the cost of living and daily business expenses going up, where is the “bail-out” talks for the small business owners making sacrifices and locking up the doors for good? With consumers pinching pennies, eating in, and shopping more frugally how does a small business compete in that kind of space when the only choice they have is too raise prices?  The more they raise them, the more frugal customers they potentially lose.

Being young, I almost wonder if I didn’t choose the right time to open the virtual doors to my shop NaturalAmber Designs, but then I stop to think I have some pennies to invest so I’ll just be more frugal, I have a day job, but how many small business owners out there are not fortunate and have that second job? I want to know which candidate is going to address tax cuts for these smaller businesses? Which candidate proposes small business stimulus checks? Which candidate is going to want to save small businesses from going under? I hear all this talk about bailing out huge corporations — and yes something needs to be done about the mortgage crisis, but how about passing a law that gives a higher minimum wage? A must pay to the employee $12.00 an hour. The higher inflation goes, the more people struggle, and the middle class just diminishes more, and the poor just get poorer. I’m sure the multi-million dollar CEO can scarifies a few thousand dollars.

Which candidate is for small business? I haven’t heard anything yet from either one that is promising.  I have dreams, and those dreams a big, I just want to know whose hands I put those dreams in. I am a Democrat so I know who I will be voting for, but I just want to hear plans not promises for the small business owners.

I Need A President Who Knows Small Business 101

Just like many other small businesses I am a little frustrated with the economy and I need a President who knows Small Business 101, and who understands the failing economy directly affects many businesses like mine. So many small businesses are folding simply because the high prices of every day business running, from supplies to gas, are eating way into their profits.  Who is going to stop that, and how are they going to stop that when they have a disaster of messes to clean up once stepping into office. I want to know what candidate is going to prioritize on some of their “promises” when stepping into office, simply because 8 more years of this downfalling of the American Economy is going to cut away at my dreams and that is going to hurt. What candidate is going to stop that, which candidate cares enough about the American Dream, and all those people trying to build a dream of their own.


I will be the first to admit, I was not a fan of either candidate at first but now with these being the only two standing I have accepted one of them will be the next President, and as a small business owner Mccain is not the one who will solve my problems, and I hope Obama will have enough internal experience to make the American experience revived, and the dreams of small business owners like mine within grasp again. I know if we do not recover, and the economy keeps going down in crumbles my dreams of becoming a successful jewelry artist may go down in flames with it.  It scares me to my future in their ahnds, but what choice as American do I have. I guess I can always move to Europe.

ETSY 101: How To Promote Your ETSY Shop

Stones of Autumn

Stones of Autumn


Setting up shop online, on ETSY, can be a lot of hard work and especially at the beginning. I have been a successful jewelry artist with my customers that I see at jewelry parties, or talk with on the phone, and the online world for me was a little scary and overwhelming. I was so used to the word by mouth and referral customers that I didn’t know where to start when it came to selling on ETSY, and I am still learning day by day. I hope the information I provide is this blog can help steer you the right way.


1. Have Business Cards With Your Etsy Shop On Them.  Some of the most business you will get will be from who you know, and who knows you. A great step to getting your name and your ETSY shop out in the open is to hand out business cards that have all your company’s information on them. I have had a few people call me that I met while out on Karokee night, who said they absolutely love my stuff, and will be purchasing in the near future. You may not have immediate sales (also since it is summer, slower shopping season) but when they are in the market for a nice gift they’ll think of you and that card you gave them.


2.  Start a Blog.  Starting a blog is a great way for people to get to know who you are and helps potential customers find you. People love content, and they love knowing the artist behind the shop. Plus, it is a great way to educate people on what you know. Advice can go a long way in gathering new customers, so share what you know and you would be surprised how many people will just love you for it! I enjoy writing in my blog, it makes me feel more connected with people interested in jewelry.


3. Market Yourself Through Social Networks. Social Networking Sites are a great way to market yourself online and also a great way to make a close niche of friends who have the same interests as you. It is also a great tool for marketing. There are intems on ETSY, such as ETSY Mini, you can add to your blog on MYSPACE or send out as a bullentin to all your friends. You can submit pictures on your site of some of your newest creations as well as blogs on your current projects in the pipeline.


4.Get Involved on ETSY! I think one of the best ways to get yourself known on ETSY is to be involved and make friends through Virtual Labs, Chat, and the Forums. Offer advice, and ask questions. These places are here to help you, as well as get to know you. Just remember sellers are also buyers, and the more they see your AVATAR in the forums the more likely they are going to see whats in your shop. There are also great places to go and promote yourself on the forums! They are one of my favorite places to visit on ETSY.


5. Showcase and Treasure Yourself.  It is a great way for people to find you, especially if you are in the jewelry business and find your listings getting lost among the other talented artists.


Some other useful sites  that I like to use:


Have fun, promote, and get yourself out there. Having ETSY shop is suppose to be fun, but also remember to market yourself so people can find you.