ETSY: Best ETSY Selling Resources

selling on ETSY can be hard, but thankfully on the web there is a vast amount of helpful information to help kick-start your sales and make you a little more successful in your little shop.  These are some of my favorite articles from blogs and the Storque blog on ETSY:

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Etsy: Time for a Shop Makeover?

amethyst stone bracelet


Having s store on ETSY is all about presentation. ETSY gives you the tools to build a storefront and a shopping cart so customers can buy, but when it comes to having a beautiful store the work is up to you. Currently my jewelry shop NaturalAmber is going under construction thanks to the wonderful advice from other ETSY sellers. There is always room for growth, my pictures are good, but I know now I can make them better. So what have I learned, and what can you do to make you store a little more appealing?


* Good Pictures, and Consistent Backgrounds

Right now my pictures are good, but the backgrounds are different from day to day. Sometimes I use the outside for pictures, sometimes the inside. So over the next couple of weeks I am going to make my shop look more cohesive. All the backgrounds are going to be similar. Similar does not mean all the same background, we all know some colors don’t work well with some of the colors in your pieces.


* Detailed, but Short and Interesting Descriptions

Chances are if you write a novel the customer isn’t going to read all of the description.  Most customers read the first paragraph and scan the rest, looking for the major description of the item: (color, size, materials), so chances are a great opening paragraph to catch their interest and good details of your product below the first paragraph would be a great description. Not to long, but not to vague.


*Revelant Tags

Mistagging is always a problem, but so is not tagging enough. There are times where I have looked at my own listings and missed key words such as: (handmade, what it is) and there are times where I see people using only 4 or 5 tags. ETSY gives you 14, it is best to use them all but use them right! Mis-tagging leads to buyer frustration.


* A Memorable Banner

The first thing I notice about any shop is the banner. I like banner, but I defintely want to make it better. The banner is the first impression the buyer has of your store, the more interesting the more liley they are going to look beyond the first page.


I know I am excited for construction in my shop, but the important thing I tell myself is it doesn’t have to be done in one sitting, the last thing any seller wants is burn out.

2009 and Your ETSY Shop



ETSY is a wonderful place to sell your handmade items, but for those of you who have sold on there or who are currently selling on there you know how competitive it can be to have you items seen. That’s what I love about starting a new year, its a time to reflect on your handmade shop and really figure out the direction it is going, try new business marketing strategies, and cut out the fat (the strategies that have not been working so well). If you have not had a sit down or haven’t taken your small business that serious I think it’s a great and wonderful time to. So what can you to get yourself organized and focused for 2009?


1. “Cut Out the Fat” This is so important when starting a new year, and should be something you look at all the time with your handmade shop. If you are pouring time and money into advertising and marketing that is not working you need to consider dumping it all together or at leat tailor down if you are holding out hope.


2. “Try Something New.” Perhaps there are some venues or sites you have heard of that could bring more potential customers to your shop but you have not had the time to invest in promoting your shop there. By cutting out those avenues that are not working you are opening yourself up to new ways to get your name out. So research that new social network, join a new team on ETSY, try a place called Project Wonderful where you can advertise on other sellers sites.


3. “Consider Paying for Advertising”  Many of us ETSY sellers will pay to renew our items several times a day at $.20 an item, sometimes spending dollars a day on those fees for hope that you will be seen on the first several pages. Consider cutting those daily expenses and throwing them into some paid advertising. Craft Cult offers low cost advertising, Myspace offers advertising, and even Google offers advertising. Some people even pay for advertising in the local magazine or a local magazine. Experiment, and find what works for you. Paid advertising may be worth it, especially if you are already paying that much in renewing fees on ETSY!


Whatever you choose to do, it is so important to find ways of promotion that work for your handmade shop, and to not focus on the avenues that aren’t working so well.


Please come visit my handmde jewelry store to learn more about me, Natural Amber Designs