ETSY: Making a Profit

These last couple of months have been tighter for my family and I, expecting another new addition to the family (another boy, we have a four year old Carl) in July. At first I was thinking to myself, how in the world is this going to be possible. I was a little afraid I may have to walk away if I couldn’t afford to bring people to my shop to at least pay the bill for the month. But then somehow the lightbulb went off and I realized… you know let’s just try to “promote on a low-budget”….

~*~ Cut the Renewing. It’s so easy to just go and click renew. To me renewing is almost like playing the slots in Vegas, you may get a few views, and once in a while a jackpot (item sold) but in reality after all the renewals how much are you really cutting into your profits? I was cutting too much into them. Being in the jewelry category I learned “renew to be seen or you’ll be buried”. I believe instead in good pictures, good tags, and good networking. I spend a lot of time continuing to improve my pictures, look at my tagging, and Im always trying to meet new people through Facebook, twitter, and my blog

~*~ Network Correctly. Twitter really can be a good thing for your business as well as Facebook (sometimes it doesn’t work for some, but there is no harm in trying) I have met a lot of wonderful people on twitter, and many of them will retweet some of my links to my work to their twitter contacts, and posting the new listing on my Facebook has really gotten more of my friends, family, and people from the past stopping in and buying. As long as you don’t spam, and have it personal the links once in a while they will be happy to see. If they think all you care about is buy from me they may just eliminate you completely from their page

 ~*~ Pitch Yourself. There is no harm in trying to pitch yourself to popular blogs, craft magazines, local tv stations, and other free places of advertising. The worst that could happen is they say no or don’t respond… the best thing that could happen is they want to feature you and they have a huge audience. You’ll never know unless you ask.

 ~*~ Aiming for Repeat Business. Repeat customers are hard to come by sometimes that’s why each and every transaction should be a way to really show your customers that you care. Respond to their questions, ship promptly, add something extra, have great packaging, and great follow-thru! Keep posting new items so they want to come back and see what else they can buy. Customers love fresh shops! Create a mailing list and create a newsletter geared towards customers, offer them specials, let them know what’s new with your business.

 ~*~ Keep Creating. Don’t let your shop get boring. Instead of spending 20 cents to renew something old bring something new in your shop. I try to at least add new items to my shop 3 times a week. I love to have a big inventory and I love to keep looking for new and unique items which is why I buy mainly on ETSY. I know I am bound to find a unique supply. It’s very important to keep yourself looking fresh. Why use your potential profits renewing the same items, when you can add a new treasure to your store. Have fun, get creative! Being creative artists we should thrive on finding creative ways (and budget nice ways) to get our name out there.

NaturalAmber Jewelry: Spring Sale on ETSY

With new Spring Jewelry debuting in my shop NaturalAmber on ETSY at the beginning of March I am having a huge sale on over 50 current items in my shop, click here for up to 50% off on select items. 
* Spring Cleaning Bracelets, Necklaces, and Rings 40% off
* Spring Cleaning Earrings 50% off

Also all orders placed between February 18th 2010, and March 31st 2010 will be enter into a drawing to win this buyer favorite Butterfly Ring.

ETSY: Best ETSY Selling Resources

selling on ETSY can be hard, but thankfully on the web there is a vast amount of helpful information to help kick-start your sales and make you a little more successful in your little shop.  These are some of my favorite articles from blogs and the Storque blog on ETSY:

How To Take Good Photos:

ShopMakeover : Feature Friendly Photos

Shopmakeover: Are Your Photos FrontPage Worthy

ShopMakeover: Photographing For Success

How To Improve Your Photos

How To Take Good Jewelry Pictures

Tagging to be Found on ETSY:

Increasing Your Item Views

Tag-O-Rama With Descriptive Keywords

Tag Finder Tool with

Tagging on ETSY

Tagging for Maximum Exposure

Packaging with Love:

Packaging Ideas

Handmade Branding

Fabulous Packaging

Pretty as a Package

Packaging and Shipping

Customer Service for Success:

Top 10 Customer Service Strategies

ETSY Customer Service Tips

The Buyers Perspective

How to promote Your ETSY Shop:

Participate in Weekend Deals

Google PageRank

Promoting Repeat Business

How To Promote Your ETSY Shop 101

ETSY Marketing Tips

ETSY Spotlight Feature: Looking For ETSY Shops to Feature

turquoise bangle wrap


It has been a long time coming, but the ETSY Spotlight Feature on my blog is finally returning! I love ETSY so much, and love celebrating other ETSIANS and I am looking for shops to feature, handmade, vintage, supplies — I’m considering all kinds of different shops to feature.


The blog will run weekly, featuring one new artist every week. If you are considered I will send a set of questions to your email or ETSY conversations. So if you would like to be considered please send me a conversation at NaturalAmber on ETSY or please send me an email at


Let’s start celebrating the wonderful ETSY community!

Great ETSY Buys Under $25.00 – June 23rd 2009

Polymer Pendant Flower Necklace


ETSY is a wonderful place to find beautiful handmade and vintage items, here is a selection of some gorgeous ETSY finds for under $25.00

(Stop in at my jewelry shop NaturalAmber where there are many jewelry pieces under $25.00 )


From Lawatha’s Shop: Fishing Pole Pendant – $18.00

From NaturalAmber’s Shop: Golden Owl Beaded Earrings – $16.00

From ScentedLuxeries’s Shop: Cotton Candy Lip Gloss – $4.00

From GracieDesigns’s Shop: 70’s Style Floral Snap Wallet – $8.00

From SudsNSuch’s Shop: Soap-to-Go for Kids – $3.75

From artbytrudy’s Shop:  Humor Print – $20.00

From Earmarks’s Shop: Owl Jounral – $11.00

From Anastasia91’s Shop: MP3 Carrier – $6.00

Handmade ETSY Holidays: Savings and Sales!

Swarvoski Shell Dangle Earrings


ETSY is a wonderful place to do holiday shopping, they have a little of everything for everyone. I like to call it the “One Stop Shop” for the best of what the handmade world has to offer.


In my own shop NaturalAmberDesigns I am offering a huge holiday sale. Please stop on in if you love jewelry!

Happy Holiday Sale! Starting November 28th huge holiday savings! 10% off all orders under $25.00, $5.00 off all orders over $25.00, $10.00 off all orders over $50.00, $15.00 off all orders over $75.00, and $25.00 off all orders over $100.00! (Refunds Submitted Through Paypal)~

Support the Handcrafted Movement

Going Green, Supporting Local Farmers has been a wonderful ongoing movement that I encourage more people to follow, and now a new movement that has been around for centuries is taking the world by storm — “The Handcrafted Movement”.  With sites such as ETSY, Dwanda, and now Art Fire taking the internet by storm people are starting to realize that there is a world outside of retail to buy wonderful artisan gifts. I would rather support a local farm or a handcrafted piece of work over food that has been touched by several different sources over months of traveling time, and support the work of an artist who appreciates and takes quality time into their work over the retail movement of ‘Walmartness” and pieces that took little time to create.  It’s a step back to what is important, supporting our neighbors, embracing artist dreams, and getting back that little bit of customer service that has been easily forgot through the growing of “Corporate America”. What can you do to support the movement?

1. Check out these wonderful websites, the handcrafted communities online. I sell through ETSY ( and have fallen in love so many wonderful and talented artists work. I would rather give my mother handmade pot holders, over buying a pair at Walmart.

2. Support Local Farmer Markets and Craft Fairs. Whether you buy something or not, going to your local craft fair and market can be fun, and a great way to bond with the community as well as your family.

3. Instead of throwing away items, consider selling them at a yard sale. I can not tell you how much fun it is for a crafter to find beautiful items that they can break apart and make into new pieces. I love finding beautiful pendants, or pins I can make into pendants, for strung beaded necklaces. Last weekend I picked up a box of shells that I can’t wait to turn into pendants! Recycle and Reuse is a great aspect of the going green movement.

With the holidays just around the corner, let’s don’t forget about the handmade goods. Check out the sites, visit a craft fair, and warm your friends and families with special gifts without the “retail” vibe.

My Top 10 ETSY Picks, 9/21/2008 – Holiday Special

Beaded Blue Bangle

Beaded Blue Bangle

With September almost over, and the holidays inching quick are you ready for season buying? Just like many other ETSY sellers, I have been stocking my shop so there is plenty of variety for buyers! While browsing around on ETSY, I am very pleased to bring you a quick peek into 10 very talented ETSY seller shops. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a gift you want to buy early, before you know Christmas EVE will be here and you want to make sure you didn’t forget any presents. The items you find on ETSY are so unique since must of them are handmade and vintage, that you may not have another opportunity to buy an item like it again.

The item that I am showcasing for the holiday season is a handcrafted heart of turquoise necklace.

So please take a look into these 10 very special ETSY shops, browse around, and start thinking about the holidays. For those buyers who have an appreciation for handmade goods, ETSY is your place to shop.

1. AllOverArt. If you love oil paintings or have a loved one you are buying a present for who does, then AllOverArt is a must see shop and browse shop for you. What is really special about her shop is she does custom paintings as well (keep in mind with the holidays you want to buy early since her studio gets busy!). How special would it be to have a custom picture of the family wrapped and waiting to be opened under the Christmas tree?  Please take a peek in AllOverArt’s store, you will see why I absolutely love the work in it! Please see this stunning oil painting she created at:

2. Kale. Do you enjoy water colors and small sewn items? I know my mom does and looking around in her shop there are so many items I know my mom would just adore. She makes items that are very unique, and I am sure a buyer would have a hard time finding anything similar to what she makes. I really enjoyed looking in her shop, and I just know that buyers will too. Please come visit Kale’s shop at and enjoy this “fabric pendant” at:

3. ljfuller. She makes beautiful jewelry, and currently she is also collecting donations for Hurricane IKE. She uses beautiful colors, and beads within her art, and she has a wonderful shop. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her, and being able to stumble on her shop. Please take a look at ljfuller’s shop at look at this stunning pair of beaded dangle earrings:

4. FreckledHound. How many times have you heard a family member or friend tell you that they would love to add some pizazz to their room but just don’t have the time to give it a makeover?  I know I have, and I would love the opportunity to dazzle their walls with some of FreckledHound’s wall art. The work is absolutely amazing! Please check out FreckledHound’s shop, and this humorous wall art about laundry:

5. LieBlingDesigns. This shop has some beautiful, bold and natural looking, pendant necklaces. She makes a little of everything with jewelry, and she has a great taste for color. If you have an appreciation for jewelry please come take a look at LieBlingDesign’s and this dazzling black pendant necklace:

6. Lifesworkbylaura. I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t like getting bath products for a gift. I know I love getting all the different scented soaps, and really could never have enough of them! Laura makes a wide variety of different scented soaps, scents I would never imagined were possible to be a soap! This gift idea is absolutely wonderful, affordable, and gives your loved one a variety of different soaps to use. Please see Lifesworkbylaura and her cute soap sampler at:

7. rhinestonebits. What I love most about her shop is that she reuses materials, she loves using broken china, and for those of us who love the green lifestyle she makes absolutely stunning jewelry and other gifts out of recycled pieces! I fell in love with her store, and she truly is a unique artists who has a great flare for art! Please come see this dazzling piece of rhinestonebits at:

8. Magination. I love getitng practical items for the holidays, but it takes alot of creativity to make something creative and useful as well! Magination captures that uniqueness in one of my favorite creations from her shop. With everyone being so technology driven, carrying around cells and MP3 players she has made a beautiful carrying case to tote those small handheld gadgets. Please take a look at Magination’s shop and her carrying case at:

9. bddesigns. I instantly fell in love with bddesigns jewelry metal work, and her specialty in engraved pieces. There is nothing more special in my mind then recieving a piece of jewelry (I would love an engraved bangle) that has something special to say. This piece in bddesigns shop is a perfect gift for your mother, it is absolutely beautiful and would bring moms to tears:

10. Mysticsilks. I was so impressed when I went to MysticSilks store. Looking at her work you can tell how hard of work she puts into her shop. She paints on silk with dye, and makes gorgeous peices. I love her interpretation of the Joshua Tree, and she gives a great story about it in her description. Please take a look at MysticSilks artwork and the Joshua Tree at:

I run these feature weekly and you have an ETSY shop you would like me to consider please give me a shout-out either in this thread or send me a conversation, by store shop is

Please come visit me at and enjoy my custom jewelry corner where you can handpick out beads to make customer jewelry with! Custom jewelry is a great holiday gift, a wonderful way to personalize a special piece for your loved ones.

Thank You ETSY Shop Promotion!

Wrapped Bangle

Wrapped Bangle

The first few weeks of my blog have been a success with many new readers everyday! As a special thank you for your support, kind words, and motivation I am offering a special coupon for 15% off your purchase at my ETSY store.
This can be redeemed through a Paypal refund. Please use the word “BlogLove” in the message field when submitting your order for your discount!
Coupon valid until October 10th, 2008

Etsy Spotlight: TannerGlass

Vases By TannerGlass

Vases By TannerGlass

I am very excited that TannerGlass is the first of many talented ETSY sellers to be in the Spotlight on my blog. I am a huge fan of her work and for any artist who can master the art of blowing glass.  I had a wonderful opportunity to catch up with the artist behind the stunning shop TannerGlass, Suzanne, the other day for an interview on blowing glass and how she decided to become a seller on ETSY.
Q. What drew you into the art of blowing glass?
A. I have always been interested in art, drawing and painting mostly. When I had the opportunity to take a class on glassblowing at Hartwick College in New York I decided to sign up for it even though I was a little apprehensive. I thought to myself, when will I ever get an opportunity to try this again in my life? After a week into the class, I knew glassblowing was what I was meant to do.
Q. What made you want to become a small business seller?
A. I was fortunate enough to work with some of the top glassblowers in the Rhode Island and I soon learned there was a market for hand-blown glass, specifically small, functional objects. I slowly started developing a small line of work and started selling my work at small small street fairs in the area. People liked what I made, so I put more focus on marketing my work. TannerGlass was officially founded in 1998.
Q. Where has your work been featured?
A. I have been very fortunate to have been featured in the Providence Journal (holiday shopping guides) numerous times. Last summer I was thrilled to have my Coin Bud Vases featured in Yankee Magazine which is a national publication.
Q. What can you give becoming artists of glassblowing?
A. Patience, Patience, Patience! Glassblowing takes years to perfect, and the more patience you have with the learning process the more successful you will become at the craft. As with all crafts, creativity and design is important. Find your niche, and keep going with it!
Q. Are you currently running any promotions now or in the near future?
A. With the holiday season fast approaching, I am constantly adding new items to my ETSY shop. I do have a SALE section, always filled with some great deals. Right now I have ornaments on sale for a limited time!
~*~*~ Currently any of my readers who are interested in purchasing from TannerGlass she is running a promotion for 15% discount on all purchases. Just put the word “BLOG” in the message field when checking out. ~*~*~
Q. What is your favorite item that is in your shop?
A. Oh, this is a tough one for me. It’s a toss up between the Belted Vases and the Coin Bud Vases.  Both have become signature pieces for me.
If you want to know more about her, why I adore her shop, and own some of the pieces she has designed please see her etsy shop at:

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