Selling on ETSY: Small Steps to Being Seen

ETSY is a wonderful place to sell your handmade items, or your vintage treasures but taking the plunge and setting up shop can be pretty scary and very overwhelming!  I remember when I first started selling in my shop NaturalAmber I didn’t know where, or how to even market myself. I felt like this little fish in a big, big online world of very talented artists.  So what little things can you do today to give you better visibility to potential customers?

* List as Often Possible.  For many artists listing daily is just not possible, but it is so very important to list as often as you can. Returning customers love fresh shops (it gives them more reason to buy again!) and new products is like adding one more window or door to your shop. The more the variety the easier it will be for you to be seen on ETSY. Wouldn’t you rather show up in search 150 times over 25?

* Participate in Forums and Chat.  I believe in this one just as much as I believe in the first small step. A good portion of my sales have come from me being active in the forum. People want to click if they like your presentation (that little avatar of yours) and many will fall in love with your shop that way. I can not tell you how many times I bought from a seller because I saw them in the same thread I was commenting in!

* Business Cards.  If you don’t have any now, I would get some soon. I like 123 print. Business cards are great to pin up at local stores, libraries, schools… you name it. The more local business you could bring to your shop the better!

* Use Facebook Connect.  Everytime you post a new item on ETSY you have the ability to post it directly on your Facebook page. A lot of sellers use a Facebook Business Page but I like to just link directly to my own personal Facebook Page. A lot of my friends and family love seeing what I do and it has resulted in sales and inquiries.

ETSY: Best ETSY Selling Resources

selling on ETSY can be hard, but thankfully on the web there is a vast amount of helpful information to help kick-start your sales and make you a little more successful in your little shop.  These are some of my favorite articles from blogs and the Storque blog on ETSY:

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Tagging to be Found on ETSY:

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Packaging with Love:

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Customer Service for Success:

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How to promote Your ETSY Shop:

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ETSY 101: The Critiques Forum

Yellow Flower Filigree Ring

Googling is one great way to seek out articles that have advice on how to improve your ETSY shop, but an even better way to get the information you need from your own ETSY peers is in the Critiques Forum. Many seasoned sellers will be the first to jump in and give you advice on why you are not selling, why an item has low views, or give you an overall critique on things that you can improve in your shop. When I was new I struggled with my pictures, and received wonderful advice from other sellers. It can be hard to hear sometimes, but constructive criticism will only help your shop grow. Remember, the reason you are going into the forum is to get vital information to help boost your sales so if you get harsh critiques just know it’s because they want to help you!

ETSY 101: Should You Make A Treasury?

Vintage Orange Flower Stud Earrings


One of the many great ways to promote other ETSY artists, those favorites who you just love, is by creating a treasury. What is a treasury? A mini showcase of your favorite items from other ETSY sellers. Many sellers use a particular theme, color, or category of goods to showcase. Some sellers I know have this in the back of their mind: “Why create a treasury if I’m not featured in it?”  Many times even if your items are not in the treasury you are still giving yourself that exposure, your store name is listed at the top and people are always curious to see who the great mind is behind the beautiful treasury which will lead people browsing into your shop from that hyperlink. Plus, it’s a great way to celebrate handmade and vintage, showcase off your favorites, and have fun on ETSY! Interested in making a treasury, here are some helpful articles:


From The Storque: Nuts and Bolts of Treasuries

From the Storque: Finding Focus

Ehow: Make a Front Page Treasury

ETSY and Twitter 101: Are You Promoting Your Shop?

Sterling Silver Purse Necklace


Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks this year, and many businesses are using the site to promote their small business. I am one of those ETSY shops that loves using Twitter to show off the newest and latest jewelry pieces I have made at Natural Amber Designs. So why promote on Twitter? How should you promote on Twitter?


* Use Twitter to show off the latest and greatest items from your ETSY shop!

I recently listed my Red Shell Charm Bracelet and received over 20 views in an hour! To me that’s more impressive then listing the item and only getting a few views every hour or so if you don’t get buried to quickly.  So after you list an item, go on over and tell your Twitter friends.


* Promote Sales You May Be Having Our Special Promotions!

Currently I offer free shipping in my shop and often times I will sent out a tweet on Twitter letting customers know that I do offer that. When I have a sale I always tell my twitter friends first!


* Offer Special Discounts and Promotions to Twitter Friends!

Sometimes just offering a special discount on your tweets to your friends only on Twitter can generate sales you wouldn’t have otherwise.


Twitter is another excellent and quick and fast way to promote your ETSY shop. The important thing is to be seen, but just remember not to Twitter all day and neglect your shop! 🙂

ETSY Promotion 101: Use Your ETSY Mini

Silver and Crystal Hoop Earrings

Are you using your ETSY Mini to showcase items from your ETSY shop?  If not why aren’t you? The mini that ETSY provides sellers is a wonderful way to attract people to your shop, whether you post it on your social networking site or use it on your blog. What can it do for you?


* bring new customers in

* build a visual portfolio to convince people to see what you have to offer

* great and easy way to point to potential wholesale and retail clients a quick glance at what you have to offer

* a great way to glance at your own shop and see how your pictures stack up!


Promotion is the key to attracting new clients and customers, and the ETSY Mini is one small and simple way to do that.