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Autumn Wrap

Autumn Wrap


It’s no surprise, from my past review on the Home Jewelry Business Success Blog, you know I am a huge fan of Rena Klingenberg’s website. I think it is such a wonderful, resourceful website and I owe so much of my success to her wonderful and informative blog.  Who would of known that by stumbling on her website I would become inspired to start a jewelry business of my own. Before it seemed so out of my reach, but with her step by step articles covering a wide array of tips, I felt fully prepared to start my own home jewelry business NaturalAmberDesigns. As I have said before I highly recommend taking a peek into her blog if you truly a serious about making a jewelry hobby into a small business.


I am very thrilled to share with you my newest tip that has been added to the Home Jewelry Business Success Blog, please come read my article about Custom Jewelry. I was very excited to learn she even added a link to my Bead Chest on my website!


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Why I Love BeadStyle Magazine

Chains of Leaf

Chains of Leaf


I wish BeadStyle Magazine came out every week —- but then again I absolutely love magazines and being a jewelry designer I find BeadStyle to be one of the most helpful, and fun to read beading magazine that is on the shelf these days! Without fail, everytime I pick up a new issue I know I am going to learn something new, incorporate a new trendy piece into my jewelry line, and gain a great appreciation for my love of beads and jewelry.


The issue on the shelf currently is full of many new inspirational beading projects, and many wonderful gift crafting ideas. This edition really got me excited for the holiday season. This has to be one of my favorite times of the year, making gifts for all those I love and cherish in my life. I love watching their faces get excited when they open a present with custom made jewelry for them! Always a fantastic gift for the holidays!


One of the reasons I fell in love with this magazine is because it really is a magazine with projects for all levels of designing. Perhaps you are not a jewelry artist but would love to make a new pair of earrings for your mother for Christmas, with their easy to follow directions, step by step pictures, any level of artist could make the piece!


Want to get inspired? Excited for the holidays? I would check out the newest edition are look at their website at:



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Why I Love Home Jewelry Business Sucess Tips

A Little Touch of Polymer

A Little Touch of Polymer

I remember when I stumbled unto the website: http://www.home-jewelry-business-success-tips.com/index.html and how it caused a positive chain of events that took my newly founded love of beads and making jewelry hobby into a whole new playing field.  I wanted to be successful like all the ladies Rena Klingenberg featured on her blog site, and I just spent hours on the site learning as much as I could. I printed many of the tips on her sites and studied them like I was back in college trying to see the next steps I needed to take to start making my dream into a reality. Her site is full of so much knowledge – real tips that work – real tips that give you focus to start your own home based jewelry business! This is the website that gave me a manual on how-to setup shop.

Rena’s site is the most resourceful jewelry business “how-to” site on the web, and there is many reasons for it. It’s apparent how much hard work she has put into her blog, and there are hundreds of aspiring jewelry artists out there who became successful by just learning and practicing many of the success tips by not only Rena but also from many jewelry artists. If you are looking for tips she covers all the bases: customer service, craft fairs, shop policies, jewelry parties, websites, packaging………….there is so much more and those are just a handful of topics.

I am so very glad I stumbled on this site. It gave me the inspiration to make my dream into something more.

Please come see my newly published article on her site.


Why I Love Buying From Fusionbeads


I only buy from places I trust, and for me buying on-line without touching or seeing the beads I wanted to buy just made me nervous, until back in March when I discovered a company on-line called Fusionbeads.com based in Seattle, Washington. They are one of the best companies I have bought from on-line and my favorite place for beads, especially semi-precious gemstone chips (which I use in almost everyone of my pieces!). I was shocked on how inexpensive many of their items were, and how professional and easy their website was to navigate.


The funny thing is I don’t know how I stumbled on them, and I am sure I would of eventually since I buy every bead magazine on the shelves, and you can find their advertisement in them, but I remember when I got my first package from them. The items were packaged safely and securely, and were more beautiful that I imagined then would be. I have yet to have an issue when any of my orders and I have bought several times from them.


If you are looking for a place that has inspiration ideas, free shipping, and great customer service I would recommend them to anyone.

Please check them out at: http://fusionbeads.com

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