TIPS for Selling on ETSY: Straight from Other ETSIANS

Selling on ETSY is hard, so it’s always great to get advice from seasoned sellers and sellers who are successful on ETSY. One of the best places to get advice from other ETSIANS is the forums. Over the last two years I learned so much from other sellers just from reading a forum thread they posted. Every week I will be adding an article to my blog with great forum threads full of useful advice!

Alternatives to Renewing. Here is a great article that can help maximize your profit without relying on renewing items. Why cut into your profits if you don’t have too?

Tagging Tips.  Tagging is extremely important for sellers, it’s how your buyers find you on ETSY. Here are two very good articles, one on tagging to reach international customers and one to help with hard to think of colors

ETSY success tips. These are tips from sellers who are doing very well on ETSY and what they think has helped them sell well.