New Blog Launched!

Hey avid readers, I just wanted to let you know I have started the migration over to Blogspot. I’ll keep this blog open, and post the same things I post on the other blog, but I also wanted to let you know the reason for the migration. Blogger allows me to do much more with my blog, and integrates well with my Google Checkout Shop. I love WordPress, and plan on keeping this blog active, but just wanted the opportunity to reach more readers.  I love blogging.


Please come see my other blog at:

Advertisements Offers Custom Jewelry


With the holidays just around the corner, looking for their perfect gift is a must! On my handcrafted beaded jewelry website I now offer custom jewelry! Beads are added daily to the bead section, so you can now choose what beads you want in your piece.


Make your gifts a little more personal, a make a very special gift for yourself. Please check out the custom bead gallery, or stop in at to see beaded jewelry I offer.


Current promotions:

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Both these offers expire October 10th, 2008


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Kids Say The Funniest Things: Olympics

My three year son Carl is not an Olympic fan, and tries to convince us all the time that Barney should be what is playing on the tube — what seems to be every moment of the day sometimes, but today was different. After we came inside from running around outside for hours we all stretched in the living room and turned on the television. As usual, here comes Carl with DVD in hand, and of course it was the purple dinosaur. Then all of a sudden we flipped the channel to the Olympics, at that moment it was the women diving. As usual we expected to hear him say, “No, I don’t want that,” but instead there was silence. We started putting the television on DVD mode and he got upset. We asked him why he was upset and all he could say was, “I want kids jumping water!” So now we know Carl’s favorite event is “Kids Jumping Water” and he loves to repeat the scores. “See Mommy she got lots of 9’s!”

By Demand: Who is NaturalAmber?

Let’s get to know each other! My name is Amber and I moved to Spokane last March (07) from Seattle. Everyone always wants to know what I moved from Seattle to Spokane, if you are familiar with Seattle you would see the smaller scale Spokane is. I love being outside, I love nature – and what better way to be inspired by spending outdoor hiking outings with the family while gathering inspiration in your head?


It’s absolutely beautiful out here, and really there’s a little bit of everything. You are moments away from the lake, the mountains, the city, and the woods who could not ask for more of a well-rounded place? I am still getting to know the area, and the people, always excited to meet new people.


I have a beautiful family – and my three year old is an absolute cutie! He is always inspiring me to grow and its so funny how much you can learn from your child regardless to how old he may be.


I got into jewelry as a way to expand my creative skills. I have always been an avid write and greeting card designer but wanted to try something new, fresh, and exciting! It really is fun, and I recommend those crafty artists to give it a shot! It’s very rewarding seeing the progress of your works.


I hope this gives a little more background about me. You can also read my profile on my shop on ETSY at


Can’t wait to get to know more people on here. Wonderful writers and so many wonderful blogs to read!

The Transition to Seattle

I love Spokane, It is beautiful out here, there is always somewhere gorgeous to go, all my relatives are out here —- and there appears to be a family focused market for me to sell my jewelry but there seems to be a lack of “craft market” here compared to Seattle. Granted – I would have more competition but in reality it just seems there are places I can sell my jewelry then I have found in Spokane. Maybe I am not looking in the right places. Maybe I am not networking right. Maybe I would have the same issue in Seattle. I am not as seasoned as other sellers, there are people who have been doing this for a decade so perhaps it just takes time.


So where am I going form here? I am participating in the ValleyFest out here in Spokane Valley the 19th-21st and i have parties in line for relatives. I am going to be traveling over the mountains to attend some local Seattle fairs in the next view months, which deep down inside I am very excited about. There are days I miss Seattle, the people, my friends, the endless amount of activities to do. I love the idea of going back to my hometown.


What am I going to do? I want to go back, and I want to stay. It is an endless pull and tug with me. I am always up for an adventure – but I would need to save money, get a good day job to even consider making the move again. I learned the hard way when I moved here to Spokane over a year ago. Will I go or will I stay? For now I am just taking it one day at a time.

Raising Family with a Business

How many of you are juggling  your own business, a family, and a day job? You would be surprised how many more artists are managing all three of these aspects in their lives, especially those who are new to the craft scene. Currently I work as a fraud analyst reviewing on-line purchases, have my won jewelry business, and have a three year old son needs just as much attention! So how do I manage to balance? Time management and prioritizing the important parts of life. It’s important to make sure you are still spending quality time with your family as well as running your business.


For starters I am a “scheduleaholic”, I am not the most tedious scheduler but I do make a list of objectives for the week both personal and business related. One day I will focus on getting marketing promotions, taking pictures, and working on a new idea out of the way for the business and also penciling in watching a movie and taking a trip to the park for with the family.  Writing done your focuses, what you plan on doing and scheduling time slots to for those dedicated objectives will keep you on top of time management and helps make sure you dedicate yourself to every aspect of your life.