Customer Service 102: From Purchase to Delivery

Wrapped in Pink and Blue

Wrapped in Pink and Blue


Customer Service is vital to business, and without it you may as well say goodbye to all the hard work you put into building your business because a bad customer service experience equates to “no repeat customers” and “no referrals”. So what can you do to set yourself apart from the competition after receiving that first sale on your website, your ETSY shop, or a reply from your mailing catalog? Simple. Good customer service is looking inside yourself and addressing your own expectations — what would make an experience memorable for you? Here are some tips I have learned from working in customer service myself, and some simple ideas I came up when I asked myself, what would give me a smile and want me to go back looking for more?


1. Ship the order as soon as possible. How impressive is it to you to receive an order in lightening speed? The business I work for Onecall ships the orders the same day as long as they clear before 4pm and I know through the ratings people are more then pleased with this service. I know the anticipation behind waiting for a package, and what a joy it is to receive the package sooner then I expected! People want to buy from sellers who can deliver the goods quick. That’s why people shop retail for that instant gratification, but if you can come close they are sure to be a repeat buyer!


2. Send a Thank You.  I always send thank you cards with my orders. I would have it no other way. I buy special thank you cards, and let them know I appreciate their business and let them know that if there are any problems I am here to take care of them immedietly. I would feel special if someone sent me one.


3. Leave Feedback. If you sell on a shop like ETSY it is always important to leave feedback it makes the customer feel as if you care about their business. I know the first time I received feedback on my shop NaturalAmber on ETSY I was so happy the buyer appreciated my business and fast payment.


4. Give a Little Extra With Every Order. I alwys send a coupon to be used with their next purchase. New buyers always recieve a 10% thank you coupon and repeat buyers get coupons depending on how much they have bought. These coupons range from 5-25% off their entire order.


Just remember Customer Service is vital to your business. Live it. Practice it. Commit to it. Your business will grow because of it.


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