ETSY Search 101: Are Buyers Finding You?

 Being found in search I think, and Im sure everyone can agree, is a must here on ETSY. For those of you who are serious about selling your work how many of you on a regular basis use search to research your own shop from a buyers perspective? I never thought about it, I have used ETSY hacks in the past, but using the actual search here on ETSY in a way —- is better way to research and this is why:

*** How Your Products View With Others This is a real quick way for you to see what other buyers are seeing when they see your product lined up with others. I don’t remember what thread I saw it on but one seller said I knew I needed to fix my pictures when I skimmed right over my own product in search because my picture was that bad! They didn’t even recognize the product was theres. Customers are enticed by GOOD pictures, so it’s a quick way to see if your shop is in need of a photo do-over. We want customers clicking not skipping our listing all together!

***Are You Tagging as You Would Search? So, when you are searching are you using words that make your items show up? A lot of those flowery tags some of us use customers don’t search by. So your products may not even show up… or if they do they are pages and pages back which in a jewelry section could be bad for you and bad for your shop… we don’t want our products getting dusty. So if your tags need refreshing, I love this site!

 ***Overall Where Do You Stack Up with Other Sellers It’s always important being true to yourself, your work, and your prices but there are also times where you need to throw realistic in the mix as well. As a buyer when you see similar items at different price points you don’t always necessarily go for the cheapest price but you do go for the reasonable price. If one shop is selling a ring for 5, another for 15, and another for 55… all about the same time and materials to make which one would you probably go for? I would go for the 15.00 more and likely. Be true to your costs, your time, and materials… but if you are way out of league on your items see the underlying issue, maybe you are not getting the best prices on supplies…. and maybe others are. Just food for thought. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Embrace slower times and downtimes as a perfect time for you to improve your shop. It’s always important to remember there is always room for growth and improvement, and don’t forget to remember why you are here. You love to craft… and you want others to see your passion too and love it just as much as you… but you got to get them in your shop to do that!