Color 101: Fall 2008

These kind of posts crack me up, the ones where it is the hottest month of the year yet here I am writing about whats in store for October. I shouldn’t laugh too hard, there really is only about 6 more weeks left of summer and then the fall colors are in! Are you ready for the fall? Have you already started adding new pieces to your fall lines or your jewelry box? I know I have been researching and adding new beads to my assortment ready to be assembled into something beautiful? So what can you expect this season? Variety. Move on over earthtones and let some color in this fall season! (Don’t get me wrong, earthtones are still in this season, we’re just making some room for some brighter revisions to the season)

Colors to watch (My FAV FOUR of about 20):

**** Fuchsia, Minty Fresh, Pumpkin, Fire Fly (pretty much the color of yellow turquoise) *********

This season is going to debut with bright colors of purple, yellow, and green. It is going to be a fun season.

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