Support the Handcrafted Movement

Going Green, Supporting Local Farmers has been a wonderful ongoing movement that I encourage more people to follow, and now a new movement that has been around for centuries is taking the world by storm — “The Handcrafted Movement”.  With sites such as ETSY, Dwanda, and now Art Fire taking the internet by storm people are starting to realize that there is a world outside of retail to buy wonderful artisan gifts. I would rather support a local farm or a handcrafted piece of work over food that has been touched by several different sources over months of traveling time, and support the work of an artist who appreciates and takes quality time into their work over the retail movement of ‘Walmartness” and pieces that took little time to create.  It’s a step back to what is important, supporting our neighbors, embracing artist dreams, and getting back that little bit of customer service that has been easily forgot through the growing of “Corporate America”. What can you do to support the movement?

1. Check out these wonderful websites, the handcrafted communities online. I sell through ETSY ( and have fallen in love so many wonderful and talented artists work. I would rather give my mother handmade pot holders, over buying a pair at Walmart.

2. Support Local Farmer Markets and Craft Fairs. Whether you buy something or not, going to your local craft fair and market can be fun, and a great way to bond with the community as well as your family.

3. Instead of throwing away items, consider selling them at a yard sale. I can not tell you how much fun it is for a crafter to find beautiful items that they can break apart and make into new pieces. I love finding beautiful pendants, or pins I can make into pendants, for strung beaded necklaces. Last weekend I picked up a box of shells that I can’t wait to turn into pendants! Recycle and Reuse is a great aspect of the going green movement.

With the holidays just around the corner, let’s don’t forget about the handmade goods. Check out the sites, visit a craft fair, and warm your friends and families with special gifts without the “retail” vibe.