ETSY QuickTip: Mailing List


I am always looking for new ways to promote and grow my business and a very effective way to grow your ETSY business is by adding a mailing list.  When you add a mailing list you increase your sales, and you aren’t spamming, as long as you let them sign up for the mailing list.  I have seen many businesses add customers to their mailing list without asking, and that is a definite no-no.  I rather people want to receive my mailing list, then possibly lose a customer because they think I am spamming them, and without their permission.

Mailing lists are a perfect opportunity to reach out to your book of customers, and reach out to potential customers by offering coupons, specials, and even free goodies for purchasing.  I like the service MailChimp  its fast, easy, and free to use.


ETSY 101: Should You Make A Treasury?

Vintage Orange Flower Stud Earrings


One of the many great ways to promote other ETSY artists, those favorites who you just love, is by creating a treasury. What is a treasury? A mini showcase of your favorite items from other ETSY sellers. Many sellers use a particular theme, color, or category of goods to showcase. Some sellers I know have this in the back of their mind: “Why create a treasury if I’m not featured in it?”  Many times even if your items are not in the treasury you are still giving yourself that exposure, your store name is listed at the top and people are always curious to see who the great mind is behind the beautiful treasury which will lead people browsing into your shop from that hyperlink. Plus, it’s a great way to celebrate handmade and vintage, showcase off your favorites, and have fun on ETSY! Interested in making a treasury, here are some helpful articles:


From The Storque: Nuts and Bolts of Treasuries

From the Storque: Finding Focus

Ehow: Make a Front Page Treasury

ETSY and Twitter 101: Are You Promoting Your Shop?

Sterling Silver Purse Necklace


Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks this year, and many businesses are using the site to promote their small business. I am one of those ETSY shops that loves using Twitter to show off the newest and latest jewelry pieces I have made at Natural Amber Designs. So why promote on Twitter? How should you promote on Twitter?


* Use Twitter to show off the latest and greatest items from your ETSY shop!

I recently listed my Red Shell Charm Bracelet and received over 20 views in an hour! To me that’s more impressive then listing the item and only getting a few views every hour or so if you don’t get buried to quickly.  So after you list an item, go on over and tell your Twitter friends.


* Promote Sales You May Be Having Our Special Promotions!

Currently I offer free shipping in my shop and often times I will sent out a tweet on Twitter letting customers know that I do offer that. When I have a sale I always tell my twitter friends first!


* Offer Special Discounts and Promotions to Twitter Friends!

Sometimes just offering a special discount on your tweets to your friends only on Twitter can generate sales you wouldn’t have otherwise.


Twitter is another excellent and quick and fast way to promote your ETSY shop. The important thing is to be seen, but just remember not to Twitter all day and neglect your shop! 🙂

Etsy 102: More Ways To Promote Your ETSY SHOP

Handmade beaded chandelier earrings.

Handmade beaded chandelier earrings.

My first blog in the “promoting your ETSY SHOP” covered the basics of promoting such as joining social networking group, passing out your business cards, and utilizing the forums on the ETSY site. In this blog we are going to dive in a little deeper on new and exciting ways to bring customers to your ETSY shop! There have been many new tools available to ETSY sellers to help promote business to their websites, and many bring great results! So what can you do to bring more customers to you?


1. Upload your items to Google Base. This is a great way to get people coming to your ETSY shop. Google Base lets you upload single items, or you entire ETSY shop (100 items) and let them be search-able in Google Search! This is a great website to help you get started:


2. Join Twitter. Twitter is a great new social network where all you do is say what you are doing. Alot of ETSY sellers use this site to list their newest items, rave about their newest projects, and share marketing tips! Other people who are interested in you will follow you on twitter. If you would like to add me my Twitter username is NaturalAmber.


3. Get Juried. Juried sites can bring business to your site, but you got to make sure you are ready to submit a portfolio to them. Since they are juried they do not accept everyone. Don’t get discouraged by rejection, often times many ETSY sellers will get rejected numerous times before getting accepted. Some of the sites you may want to check out are:,, and


4. Join a Street Team on ETSY.  Street teams are a great way to get promoted on ETSY. These groups help promote one another, and often times are combined by a common force: location, and craft are most common.


5. Join a BNR on ETSY. There are rules to BNR’s but I have heard of many successful ETSY sellers who have gotten many new customers through BNR. BNR stands for Buy and Replace. You get added to the list, and you must buy something from someone else on the list. Often times there is no dollar amount on what you need to purchase.


No matter what, just remember to have fun and get your name out there! I have seen too many good sellers quit in the first couple of months from discouragement.  Getting customers can be hard work, but perseverance does pay off.

Please come see my on line shop, NaturalAmberDesigns on ETSY.

My Top Five Etsy Picks for August 17th

Stones and Shell of Autumn

Stones and Shell of Autumn


It is getting close to that time of year, when it’s time to add some new items to our fall collections, and get ready to celebrate the coming of the autumn season. I know with my shop here at ETSY, NaturalAmber, I have been working hard in getting inventory ready for the upcoming fall season! I am so impressed with the sellers here are on ETSY, and have been very excited the last couple of weeks, seeing all the new Autumn lines. I was especially impressed with some of the individual items that some of the shops are creating, and wanted to share those awesome gift ideas to you! This week I am celebrating the “Fall Season” and wanted to give you an exclusive peek into my five favorite item listings on ETSY for the fall season.


Please come see my newest fall piece at from at:


1.  Littlehandstudios She definitely knows how to use the color orange in her pieces, and she does it very well. This is a beautiful orange glass pendant, trendy, simple, and stylish. I fell in love with it instantly when I saw it. Orange is going to be big this season, more reason to check out this great piece:


2.  Awindowintowhimsy.Color is in this fall season, and this tote bag is a perfect way to celebrate all the new and unexpected color trends of autumn! She uses turquoise and brown together to make this wonderful piece, that is simply gorgeous and a must have. Please come see why I love this bag so much at:


3. Ambermaida.  This woman is a very talented and artistic painter, and I fell instantly in love with her work. There were so many wonderful paintings to look at that I had a hard time saying which one was my favorite, I felt like every item she made in her shop was my favorite! She really uses yellow well in this painting, and I was absolutely stunned when I saw it. Please see why I instantly fell in love with her work:


4. Lachapina. What  could be a better way to celebrate the coming of autumn with this beautiful crafted carpet. The first thing I thought of when I looked at the carpet was this would be a wonderful gift, or present for yourself, for a new apartment or dorm for the back to school season.  Make your place colorful with a carpet like this:


5.  Bytheway. Vintage is in this season, and what a great way to celebrate the fall with a new skirt! Yellow is the new brown this season, and this skirt has style, is trendy, and a cute pick for your wardrobe! Want to see why I love it: