ETSY: Making a Profit

These last couple of months have been tighter for my family and I, expecting another new addition to the family (another boy, we have a four year old Carl) in July. At first I was thinking to myself, how in the world is this going to be possible. I was a little afraid I may have to walk away if I couldn’t afford to bring people to my shop to at least pay the bill for the month. But then somehow the lightbulb went off and I realized… you know let’s just try to “promote on a low-budget”….

~*~ Cut the Renewing. It’s so easy to just go and click renew. To me renewing is almost like playing the slots in Vegas, you may get a few views, and once in a while a jackpot (item sold) but in reality after all the renewals how much are you really cutting into your profits? I was cutting too much into them. Being in the jewelry category I learned “renew to be seen or you’ll be buried”. I believe instead in good pictures, good tags, and good networking. I spend a lot of time continuing to improve my pictures, look at my tagging, and Im always trying to meet new people through Facebook, twitter, and my blog

~*~ Network Correctly. Twitter really can be a good thing for your business as well as Facebook (sometimes it doesn’t work for some, but there is no harm in trying) I have met a lot of wonderful people on twitter, and many of them will retweet some of my links to my work to their twitter contacts, and posting the new listing on my Facebook has really gotten more of my friends, family, and people from the past stopping in and buying. As long as you don’t spam, and have it personal the links once in a while they will be happy to see. If they think all you care about is buy from me they may just eliminate you completely from their page

 ~*~ Pitch Yourself. There is no harm in trying to pitch yourself to popular blogs, craft magazines, local tv stations, and other free places of advertising. The worst that could happen is they say no or don’t respond… the best thing that could happen is they want to feature you and they have a huge audience. You’ll never know unless you ask.

 ~*~ Aiming for Repeat Business. Repeat customers are hard to come by sometimes that’s why each and every transaction should be a way to really show your customers that you care. Respond to their questions, ship promptly, add something extra, have great packaging, and great follow-thru! Keep posting new items so they want to come back and see what else they can buy. Customers love fresh shops! Create a mailing list and create a newsletter geared towards customers, offer them specials, let them know what’s new with your business.

 ~*~ Keep Creating. Don’t let your shop get boring. Instead of spending 20 cents to renew something old bring something new in your shop. I try to at least add new items to my shop 3 times a week. I love to have a big inventory and I love to keep looking for new and unique items which is why I buy mainly on ETSY. I know I am bound to find a unique supply. It’s very important to keep yourself looking fresh. Why use your potential profits renewing the same items, when you can add a new treasure to your store. Have fun, get creative! Being creative artists we should thrive on finding creative ways (and budget nice ways) to get our name out there.