TIPS for Selling on ETSY: Straight from Other ETSIANS

Selling on ETSY is hard, so it’s always great to get advice from seasoned sellers and sellers who are successful on ETSY. One of the best places to get advice from other ETSIANS is the forums. Over the last two years I learned so much from other sellers just from reading a forum thread they posted. Every week I will be adding an article to my blog with great forum threads full of useful advice!

Alternatives to Renewing. Here is a great article that can help maximize your profit without relying on renewing items. Why cut into your profits if you don’t have too?

Tagging Tips.  Tagging is extremely important for sellers, it’s how your buyers find you on ETSY. Here are two very good articles, one on tagging to reach international customers and one to help with hard to think of colors

ETSY success tips. These are tips from sellers who are doing very well on ETSY and what they think has helped them sell well.

How to Be Seen on ETSY: Standing Out

Being in one of the most saturated categories on ETSY I know the feeling “I’ll Never Be Seen”, it’s hard sometimes to get yourself out of that slump when you are surrounded by many talented artists but there are ways, and ETSY Sellers are doing it everday. One of the main things to keep in mind is ETSY provides us a shopping cart and community support, but the rest is up to us. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes. How would a buyer find you?

* Good Tagging!
I love this blog for the ETSY treasury team. They really give a great list of TAGS to use for your products. Ever since I have bookmarked this site, my tagging has increased views big time!

* Good Photos!
Photos on ETSY speak to the customer. Without a good picture your listing will get overlooked in search unless there are a small amount of people offering a similar item. I love this forum thread on ETSY and I go back to it over and over!

* Good Descriptions!
So you got the photos down, now it’s time to paint a picture in the customer’s head. Present it the item the best way you can without being too flowery but being creative so you don;t bore them! Check out this storque blog:

* Outside Online Advertising!
There are some great places online where you can buy advertising. I find a good portion of my buyers are actually ETSY sellers themselves which makes perfect sense why and are great places to setup an add for a low cost! I mean $15.00 for a Carousel ad on Craftcult is an awesome price for advertsing!

* Outside Local/Print Advertising!
Often times you can submit ideas or advertising to magazines. I see alot of ETSY artists supplying craft ideas to magazines like Bead Magazine, or Bead Style. definitely worth looking into. My recent adventure has been posting business cards in local hardware stores. For jewelry you would think why? Well men have really appreciated having found a jewelry business card while out running hardware errands! Often times they call and say “My wife’s birthday is next week and your site is perfect! Can you make me a custom order?”

One of the hardest things for many sellers is when they setup shop they think now they will have buyers, I know I was under that impression so my sales didn’t kick off for almost a year! It is hard work for many to keep going at it but remember to have patience, persistance, and perseverance and good things will come — and never forget why you came here. Your passion to craft — you should never lose interest in that 🙂

Artfire VS ETSY: Where Are You Selling?

Red Coin Shell Bracelet


Everyone who loves handmade has heard of ETSY, and many artists sell on their everyday, but with the increasing amount of sellers on the handmade site artists are looking to branch to other venues, one of these particular ones is Artfire.  Today I took the plunge and finally opened my shop on Artfire, NaturalAmberDesigns.  I have no intentions in replacing my ETSY shop NaturalAmber but I am looking to not keep all my eggs in one basket. The Google SEO is having some issues on ETSY, there are increasing amount of sellers on a daily basis, and the jewelry section is just tremendous. Being in such a saturated category makes me feel like a needle in the haystack, but I will never leave ETSY. Within my short observation of Artfire, this is what I have concluded between the two:


* Artfire is quick to setup, and has a wonderful virtual studio for your shop. There is definitely nothing wrong with the shop that ETSY provides but I do love being able to have 10 pictures, custom background colors, endless amount of tags, and not onlya  description space but a space on what inspired me to make the piece.


* Right now ETSY gets more views, but the jury is really still out on that. For being  a new handmade site, just beginning in October 2008 you really can’t expect the same amount of traffic. The site is wonderful though and I can imagine it booming in the near future.


* Artfire automatically puts your items in Google Base. No more Letsets tool (except for you ETSY shop).


* There are so many promotional tools on Artfire to market your items, you can list them in Kaboodle, Tweet about them on Twitter, and so much more. They have over 30 widgets to choose from!


* ETSY forums look pretty and are more cleaner looking, but Artfire’s seem more friendly and admin more responsive in helping sort out issues.


Those are the main difference I see right now, but as I said this is just my first day. I will post more in the months to come about my experience with Artfire. Unlike 1000markets and Shophandmade, I think this place is really going to grow! The jury is still out on Artfire, but as I said I think I see promising results in the horizon for Artfire sellers.