ETSY and Artfire: Slow April Sales?

Have you been having slow April sales on Artifre and ETSY, this may not make you feel better but you can breathe knowing it’s Google… and not necessarily you.  That’s not a good thing either.  Apparently Google Base (which is now going to be called Google Merchant) is changing there feeds and the way they communicate to merchants which means the base feeding has been suspended…. your items aren’t in Google right now.  See this article below:


ETSY when its Slow: Creating New Product Lines

“Innovation is a new way of doing something or “new stuff that is made useful” . It may refer to incremental and emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations. …”

When it comes to your shop I have one question this afternoon, “Have you been innovative lately?”

I know for myself, coming to ETSY was not about the money but for me it was about sharing my passion for creating unique items. Over the years I have developed new styles, laid to rest others, and really have had a fun time thinking outside of my creative box. I love crafting, I could never imagine making the same few items (the ones that sell good) over and over in my shop. Of course now I like to make money, so I still sell what sells good but I am also constantly searching for new things to make. This week I have a new idea that I think is going to be wonderful!

Innovation has done good for me and my little store. I introduced vintage inspired last year and my sales have been good ever since. I introduced flower items this winter and this spring those items exploded. I can only think good things can come from being creative and learning new things to make.

So, when was the last time you were innovative with your little passion, craft, and shop?


ETSY: Slow Sales and Summer

Sakura Flower Ring


Around summer there is always alot of buzz about slow sales on ETSY, it usually starts happening in March and the sales decline a little more going into the summer, I just want to say “Don’t Worry”. The history of retail sales has always been busy August-February and slow getting into later spring and summer (unless you have summer items to sale, or you have a steady repeat customer base). I know it can be hard not to be frustrated, discouraged, I can imagine how it is for newbies since I was a newbie starting at the middle of the slow season last year. If you have a good product, I promise things will get better. In the meantime have you thought about:


* Making a New Banner

* Taking New Pictures

* Developing a New Product Line

* Making Over Your Shop

* Stocking Up For Season

* Local Marketing

* Craft Fairs

* Start a Blog

* Research


I keep myself busy by crafting new items, stocking up shop, making my shop colorful and pretty (I made a new banner!) and focus on a new plan of attack for the upcoming season. Don’t worry, the slow season is almost over, and August is going to roll around and so will your sales.